Nomination earrings are crafted with the most precious metals according to goldsmithing: from traditional gold to the more modern stainless steel. Silver, gold and stainless steel are forged in every shape and size to create the perfect earrings for every woman, from the most romantic to the fiercest. From the jewellery offered in Nomination’s various collections you’ll find long and short earrings, but also striking studs and earrings with pearls. And let’s not forget about options for the little ones: Nomination has numerous earrings for girls in stainless steel, gold and gemstones. There are those from the Gioie Collection with darling shapes like stars, hearts and four-leaf clovers, but there are also MyBonBons button-shaped earrings with zodiac symbols in gold. There’s a perfect pair of earrings for everyone: discover all the colours, shapes, and sizes of Nomination earrings!

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