Nomination rings are the right jewellery to add a touch of elegance to any look. Stainless steel, sterling silver, and yellow and rose gold are expertly employed along with coloured gemstones, Cubic Zirconia, pearls and detailed designs to create rings which are beloved by women and girls. There’s a model for everyone: among the Nomination collections’ offering of rings, the only difficulty is narrowing down your favourites. There are rings for traditional tastes, delicate, refined and adorned with sparkling gemstones in various cuts, from square to oval, even shaped like a romantic heart. And there are also ones for a more casual, fun style. Numerous rings are decorated with strong symbols: there are zodiac signs, letters so you can wear your initials, hearts and good luck symbols. As a gift to yourself or for someone you hold dear, choose the unmistakeable style of precious Nomination rings.

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  1. Easychic_Heart_ring_22K_rose_gold_finish_Ring_with_coloured_Cubic_Zirconia
    Easychic Heart ring 22K rose gold finish
    + colours
  2. Easychic_Ring_in_Silver_Ring_with_Cubic_Zirconia
    Easychic Ring in Silver
    + colours
  3. SweetRock_Moon_Ring_Ring_in_silver_with_Moon-shaped_symbol
    SweetRock Moon Ring
    + colours
  4. Emozioni_Ring_with_Cubic_Zirconia_Ring_with_white_or_black_Zirconia
    Emozioni Ring with Cubic Zirconia
    + colours
  5. SweetRock_Double_Kiss_and_Star_Ring_Double_spiral_ring_in_silver_with_pendants
    SweetRock Double Kiss and Star Ring
    + colours
  6. SweetRock_Double_Heart_Ring_Double_spiral_ring_in_silver_with_Hearts
    SweetRock Double Heart Ring
    + colours
  7. SweetRock_Heart_Ring_Ring_in_silver_with_Heart-shaped_symbol
    SweetRock Heart Ring
    + colours
  8. Easychic_Ring_with_Cubic_Zirconia_Ring_with_plated_finishing
    Easychic Ring with Cubic Zirconia
    + colours
  9. SweetRock_Double_Star_Ring_Double_spiral_ring_in_silver_with_Stars
    SweetRock Double Star Ring
    + colours
  10. Romantic Occasions Romantic Occasions
    Gift ideas
    Romantic Occasions SHOP NOW
  11. SweetRock_Star_Ring_Ring_in_silver_with_Star-shaped_symbol
    SweetRock Star Ring
    + colours
  12. Stretch_Ring_with_Gold_and_small_Stones_Stainless_steel_ring_with_small_round_stones
    Stretch Ring with Gold and small Stones
    + colours
  13. Extension_Ring_with_natural_Stones_Extendable_ring_with_coloured_Stones
    Extension Ring with natural Stones
    + colours
  14. Stretch_Ring_with_Gold_Heart_and_Stones_Ring_in_stainless_steel,_18K_gold_and_natural_stones
    Stretch Ring with Gold Heart and Stones
    + colours
  15. Stretch_Ring,_Rose_Gold,_faceted_Cubic_Zirconia_Ring_in_stainless_steel_and_coloured_Cubic_Zirconia
    Stretch Ring, Rose Gold, faceted Cubic Zirconia
    + colours
  16. Stretch_Ring_with_Heart_and_white_Zirconia_Ring_in_18K_gold,_natural_gemstones_and_Zirconia
    Stretch Ring with Heart and white Zirconia
    + colours
  17. Stretch_Ring_with_Oval_Cubic_Zirconia_Steel_and_gold_ring_with_faceted_Cubic_Zirconia
    Stretch Ring with Oval Cubic Zirconia
    + colours
  18. Stretch_Ring_withSemipreciousStones_Stainless_steel_ring_with_18K_gold_and_stones
    Stretch Ring withSemipreciousStones
    + colours
  19. Stretch_Ring_faceted_Cubic_Zirconia_Stainless_steel_ring_with_18K_gold_and_Cubic_Zirconia
    Stretch Ring faceted Cubic Zirconia
    + colours
  20. Stretch_Ring_with_Semiprecious_OvalStone_Ring_in_stainless_steel,_gold_and_oval_stone
    Stretch Ring with Semiprecious OvalStone
    + colours
  21. The perfect gift The perfect gift
    Composable Collection
    The perfect gift For Her

  22. Stretch_Ring_with_Stones_and_Cubic_Zirconia_Steel_and_18K_gold,_stone_and_Cubic_Zirconia_ring
    Stretch Ring with Stones and Cubic Zirconia
    + colours
  23. Stretch_Ring_with_coloured_Cubic_Zirconia_Stainless_steel_ring_with_faceted_Cubic_Zirconia
    Stretch Ring with coloured Cubic Zirconia
    + colours
  24. Stretch_Ring_with_Oval_HardStones_Stainless_steel_ring_with_18K_gold_details_and_oval_stones
    Stretch Ring with Oval HardStones
    + colours
  25. Stretch_Ring_withNatural_HardStones_Stainless_Steel_and_18K_gold_ring_with_stones
    Stretch Ring withNatural HardStones