The seaside of Italy: the must-see beaches


Late summer: the time to leave for the summer holidays is fast approaching. The time has come to indulge in relaxation and leisure, long walks and beautiful sunny days. Like every year, a seaside getaway remains the favorite choice of holidaymakers: after all, is there a better time to enjoy the beaches, the sea breeze and the sunsets on the horizon?

But there are so many beaches and a holiday at the seaside can be interpreted in so many different ways: there are those who choose it to enjoy the sun's rays and get a tan, and those who go because the seaside holidays are the most beautiful of all time.

Whatever the reason for choosing the beach, one thing is certain: the Italian coasts always satisfy everyone. What are the most spectacular seaside locales in Italy? Let's find them together, thinking of the most en vogue accessories for each of the occasions on the seashore.

#1 A vacation to the sea, where nothing is missing: Apulia

More than 800 km of coast, for a coastline that evolves continually as you walk it.

Apulia is the perfect seaside locale not only for those looking for beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, because the region is packed full of everything that you could want for a holiday. The coast alternates the undulating sandy shores, typical of the province of Taranto, the white cliffs overhanging the Salento Sea, reaching the hidden coves among the green of Gargano National Park.

In addition to the sea and beautiful landscapes, Apulia offers its guests the opportunity to visit places of great artistic and cultural value: from the characteristic trulli to the ravines rich in mysteries, to the ancient villages and historical centers where you can discover the most authentic Apulian tradition.

For a stroll through the picturesque streets of the Apulian cities, the jewellery to wear are those that are based on a bit of ethnic taste, with an ancient charm that takes you back in time: Essenzia and its bracelets, bronze earrings and necklaces are the right choice to enhance the outfits of your summer evenings.

#2 The Romagna coast for a fun getaway

Romagna is the most popular seaside destination in Italy for those who are looking for a holiday full of fun and entertainment.

The beaches of the Romagna coastline are large and made of fine light sand begging you to walk their length with the most modern beach resorts that offer all the comforts to their guests at any time of the day.

The most famous locales for summer holidays? Without a shadow of a doubt they are Rimini, Riccione, Milano Marittima and Marina di Ravenna, all of them very popular for the wide variety of nightclubs, discotheques and beach parties that light up all the evenings of the Romagna summer.

A fun location requires fun outfits and accessories: give the go-ahead to glittering colors, colorful stones and symbols that tell all about our summer. The Cubiamo collection bracelets are the jewellery to wear to shine at seaside parties: choose the color of the leather bracelet and dress it up as you choose among the many cubes with colored stones, letters and symbols.

#3 Italy like the Caribbean: Sardinia

Sardinia is the true Caribbean paradise of Italy: crystal clear water, super fine sand and cliffs overhanging the sea, all set in the greenery of the fragrant Mediterranean vegetation.

The Sardinian coast has so much to offer: small coves with a rose-colored backdrop like Cala Mariolu, in the Gulf of Orosei, secret coves among granite cliffs,isolated coasts ideal for scuba diving.

In short, Sardinia hides many small pearls to discover, dedicated to those who love regenerating and meditative holidays, in places far from the hectic pace of the city.

An exclusive holiday requires special jewellery, to take along as a reminder of getaway in the spirit of adventure. Choose the charm with the Yellow Hibiscus for your Composable bracelet, if you want to tell your dream trip, the diving mask, instead, if your most beautiful memory are the seabeds of Sardinia.