Gift ideas for a sister who’s turning 40


Coco Chanel said: “You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.” If it is true that life begins at 40, all that's left is to celebrate this birthday your very best! Especially when your sister reaches this special age able to open the doors to a new and more aware stage of life.

When it's time to choose the present for your sister's 40 birthday, get inspired by our Nomination #oneformeoneforyou collection: make an original and elegant surprise able to tell the relationship you share together.

For your sister who is also your best friend

There was a time when you, sisters, used to fight because you secretly wore the other’s new cloths, or just because the toys of one of you were always more beautiful and interesting than those of the other. But other than that, sisterhood has always given you strength. It is an indissoluble bond, that lasts a lifetime. Having a sister is like having a great friend who is always by your side, no matter what you do, she will always be with there.

#oneformeoneforyou Collection

If your sister is also your best friend, you can’t do more than give her a very special present. Create for her a Composable Nomination Bracelet to be customised with the Links of Nomination #oneformeoneforyou new Collection. The tile with a #oneformeoneforyou silver heart, to be shared to always remind you that, wherever you both may be, you will always be half of the same heart.

And even if you live far from each other and have different lifestyles, your love is definitely endless. "To infinity" "And beyond", just like our Nomination Tiles that celebrate a complex amazing relationship. A pair of Links featured by #oneformeoneforyou silver symbols to be added to your Nomination Bracelet.

For your sister, fellow adventurer

A sister is like a little piece of your childhood that will never be lost. It doesn’t matter what’s your age, no matter what dress you wear, if you both are poised and elegant, it takes just one look and you recall all the mischiefs made together, your ripped jeans and all those little lies told to cover each other.

Nomination #oneformeoneforyou collection offers a line of Bracelets for the both of you, to celebrate your most important companion in adventure (and misadventures). Enrich them with a pair of Links featured by silver #oneformeoneforyou inscription and symbol, dedicated to your "partner in crime".

For a sister who is your accomplice and always supports you

Louisa May Alcott praised the relationship between sisters in the novel “Little Women”. She said: Help one another is part of the religion of our sisterhood”. Of course, who better than your sister can listen to you, give you advices and share laughter and tears?

#oneformeoneforyou Collection

If your sister is a strong girl – when it's time to have gift ideas for the present for your sister's 40 birthday – get help form Nomination jewels who created the right solution for the tough girls from the 2000s. What about the pair of Nomination Links with the inscriptions "Girl” and "Power" featured by the oxidized 925 silver vintage effect?

And if complicity is what unites you the most, despite of fighting, this will last forever. Even if there is no need to remind you, a nice gift to share is the pair of Links with the infinite symbol and the #oneformeoneforyou inscriptions "Sisters" "Forever" by Nomination Jewellery.

Those who have a sister know it well: she is a gift for your heart, a friend for the spirit and a precious constant for life. For your sister's 40 birthday, choose an unforgettable gift , choose a Nomination charm from #oneformeoneforyou collection.