Nomination Composable: our new Links to dedicate to your loved ones


Our life is made of relationships, unexpected encounters meant to last, meant to give real emotions. Day by day, piece by piece we meet very special people which fill our days. Over the course of our increasingly chaotic lives, sharing a feeling, giving and receiving love is the antidote. Yes, because - as Lev Tolstoy used to say - happiness is only real when shared.

Our new collection "One for me, one for you" is an hymn to sharing. Link by Link, you can enrich your Nomination Bracelet by picking one for you, one for your loved ones.

For your partner

The most beautiful gifts are those thoughtful ones, tailor-made for you and able to fill you with great joy. A gift can actually make you understand that who made it perfectly knows who you are and has listened and understood you and undertook to make you happy. Making a gift to your boyfriend or girlfriend means expressing your feelings and giving a part of you.

Here is the perfect gift for couples: create a Nomination Composable Bracelet for your sweetheart and add the Links that represent your special love

Yin-Yang Symbol

Yin and Yang originate in each other: they are mutually dependent, have a reciprocal origin and there can’t be one without the other. Give your loved ones or treat yourself a pair of Link Yin and Yang: a link is for the one that completes you, the other you can wear it on your #oneformeoneforyou bracelet, enriched with our Nomination charms.

Me and you puzzle card

#oneformeoneforyou Collection

In the endless puzzle of the world, there are two pieces that really matter: You and me, the beginning of a song, of a poem handed down, over time. Say it with #oneformeoneforyou collection: "We are two pieces of a puzzle, the perfect match, we were made for each other!” A pair of Link for Nomination Composable Bracelets able to give meaning to the puzzle of life.

For your female best friend

When it comes to gifts, sometimes the thought is enough and actually it’s just the thought they hide that makes them so precious. If you have a gift for you best girlfriend in mind, for the most important person for you, our Best Friends tile with two halves of the same heart is the sweetest present you can give.

For your male best friend

#oneforyouoneforme Collection

The person who knows and understands you the most, who perfectly knows your strengths and weaknesses: your best friend! Think of a gift for him able to represent the strength and solidity of your friendship. Among the best friends gifts the Nomination Link from #oneformeoneforyou Collection featured by a fist and the inscription "Partners" is perfect.

For brothers and sisters

They make you mad, but you can’t do without their smiles. Love among brothers is the most lasting one, it is like a precious stone more resistant than any hardest metal and whose value grows over the years. The gift for your brother must be symbolic and represent your family bond, like the double steel Link with the inscription #OneForMe #OneForYou.

For the other half of you, your sister, Nomination has come up with a Tile with the inscription “Sisters Forever”, a beautiful gift for sisters: it is true that blood ties last forever, but if yours is also a strong friendship made of complicity, it can also overcome any obstacle in life.

A joy shared is a double joy. Share the choice of a Nomination Composable Bracelet with the people of your heart and enriched it with the Links of our #oneformeoneforyou new collection.