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Nomination is a world leader in the jewellery market, creating fashionable jewellery for men and women designed and made primarily in Italy using artisan techniques and high quality materials. Nomination puts their name on each piece of jewellery to guarantee originality and origin.



Nomination produces jewellery in stainless steel, 18 karat gold, sterling silver, enamel, precious and semi-precious gemstones, Cubic Zirconia and diamonds. Each piece of Nomination jewellery is made even more precious by the presence of slight imperfections which are typical of artisan craftsmanship process, and by the natural streaking, veins and/or simple colour differences in the stones. The use in some lines of CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements, luminous crystals of precious delicacy, as with each valuable detail, requires special attention. Nomination jewellery is guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase exclusively for manufacturing defects. Elaborations that require galvanizing or plating are excluded from the guarantee, as is the accidental breakage of stones.
Each piece of jewellery purchased through the official Nomination online shop is accompanied by a guarantee stamped by the Company and duly dated with the day of shipment. If you buy a complete Composable bracelet, you will be sent one guarantee which covers all of the individual parts that make up the bracelet.

If the jewellery you have purchased at has a manufacturing defect, please contact our Customer Service Department:
Phone: +39 055 425471


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18K - 9K GOLD
Precious metal par excellence, its timeless appeal and high market value make gold as irrestible as ever. Nomination uses 18k and 9k gold.

Nomination uses a wide variety of precious and semiprecious gemstones as well as Cubic Zirconia, synthetic stones, Swarovski Elements and Swarovski Zirconia. All our stones are carefully selected, however natural stones vary in colour and may display some of their natural characteristics: inclusions, streaks, veining. These features are to be expected in natural stones and are not to be considered imperfections.

Nomination uses only the finest quality hypoallergenic sterling silver treated with various finishes. Rhodium is used to prevent tarnishing and maintain shine, specific collections are oxidised to achieve a vintage effect and others are made more precious with gold plating: 24K yellow gold plating and 22K rose gold plating. Each item with a rose gold finish is plated first with 24K yellow gold and then with 22K rose gold.

Nomination uses only the highest quality stainless steel (304 or 316). Stainless steel is incredibly strong and resistant, is does not tarnish and it is hypoallergenic. It was not traditionally used to create jewellery as it is not malleable like gold and silver, however once created your stainless steel jewellery is designed to resist the test of time even if you wear it everyday.

Nomination uses coloured enamel to highlight and enhance decorative details. Enamel details are painted by hand. Enamel details are resistant to water but may be damaged by corrosive substances. Enamel should be regarded as a fragile material as a violent blow may cause the enamel to crack and the colour to be disturbed.

Nomination uses only high quality Italian leather. Natural leather requires special care in order to preserve its original colour, finish and softness so leather jewellery should be removed before washing and contact with water, creams/oils and perfumes should be avoided at all times. Coloured leather may fade if exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. Leather has a natural elasticity so you may find that your bracelet may seem a little larger after you have been wearing it for a while.



To avoid damaging gemstones and scatching your jewellery store them in a jewellery box with separate compartments or in soft pouches. Remember to remove your jewellery before applying perfumes, skin creams, suntan lotion or oils of any kind. Never wear your jewellery when working with detergents, bleaches, ammonia or alcohols; these chemicals will cause discoloration, damage and loosen stone settings. To clean sterling silver or gold plated jewellery use a dry soft clean cloth to wipe them clean. Do not use brushes of any kind as these may scratch your jewellery. To clean stainless steel jewellery use warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush.