Cubiamo Necklaces

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Compose your customised necklace with Cubiamo by Nomination! Cubiamo is the line of composable jewellery which allows you to create bracelets and necklaces with charms shaped like cubes. Choose the base and create the accessory of your dreams: Cubiamo is a line of trendy jewellery that can be worn on any occasion and which doesn’t sacrifice quality. In fact, all Nomination jewellery is made with top quality materials: in the case of Cubiamo, leather for the bracelets and sterling silver for the customisable necklaces and for the charms. All Nomination creations are guaranteed Made in Italy. The Cubiamo Collection includes lots of charms for any occasion: from those celebrating family, to others acting as a reminder of the amazing trips we’ve taken. Then there are cubes dedicated to our animal friends, to love, to alphabet letters, and to good luck symbols. Create your personalised necklace with Cubiamo charms: wear it and tell the world who you are, or give an original gift to someone you love.