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Valentine’s Day: there’s a special Link for whatever binds you

Valentine’s Day: there’s a special Link for whatever binds you

Valentine’s day is coming. The feast of love, the celebration of deep bonds and lovers’ passion, with the right person next to you. Sure, love may be celebrated every day, but it is easier said than done! Enjoy this day then, living it to its fullest, together with your partner.

Start thinking about the perfect present to give. What better time to pick among the Nomination Jewels especially dedicated to your shared passion, to give each other on Valentine’s day!

Nominations Valentine’s Day novelties

A jewel to express your feelings, to be worn in any occasion to enhance your style. That’s what Nomination SeiMia collection is made for. A jewel to tell your love story, because the universe only makes sense when we have someone to share our emotions with. Here are the latest novelties from our SeiMia collection: Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings in silver with cubic zirconia. The perfect gift to your beloved, in a perfect romantic location, on Valentine's Day.

SeiMia New Collection: love, the passion that bonds us

An arrow of love to seal the deep feeling that brings two lovers together. Here is the Trait d’ union that connects all the jewels of this new unmissable collection. An arrow fired directly by Cupid ( or Eros for Greeks), the God of love, son of Venus, the goddess of beauty. To the ancient Greeks, the term “eros” indistinctly meant both passion and love, represented by the famous god.

Bracelets and Earrings from SeiMia Collection

If Cupid has already fired his arrow towards your beloved, it's up to you to continue to get in the game by surprising her. You know, a romantic gesture is worth a thousand words. Impress her with a Valentine’s Day gift able to symbolize the bond between you. Here are the elegant Nomination SeiMia Necklaces in silver, to express your feelings, to be chosen according to the length that better suits you. Give her the Necklace with the smallest arrow if your love is recently born and needs to be consolidated, she will definitely be wowed!

If your bond is already consolidated, keep letting your relationship shine and cultivate your love! You can match a Nomination Bracelet from the same collection with the related necklaces …and that is when Cupid strikes again! Valentine's Day is the feast of love, but the term love embraces a wide definition! To a friend or sister that you love to bits, you may give a pair of the earrings from our SeiMia collection: those featured by small minimal silver circles will do the trick!

For that person that you’re always thinking, that person who is not just a friend, that you have secretly loved for a long time... declare your love through the arrow-shaped Earring, to better express your feelings. Valentine's Day is really the best opportunity!

Valentine’s Day: the passion that binds you, among the Nomination jewels

Valentine's Day Nomination

George Sand, a French writer, said: “There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved”. Nothing could be simpler and deeply true. Because once you get love, you have to cultivate and celebrate it, day by day, piece by piece. Give your beloved a Nomination Composable Bracelet adding many small symbols to represent your bond.

A jewel to tell and describe your love, just like a poem. If you love books and literature, if she feels a bit like a figure of romance stepped out of a novel, be a modern Mr. Darcy and let her heart beat fast through a Nomination Link from the Composable Classic collection: chose the red heart- shaped one!

If you both are into art, here are our Nomination Tiles inspired by the famous work of Banksy. For your sweetheart a special Link with the symbol of a guy with a heart shaped balloon in steel and silver. And for her, here is our Link with the girl ready to get and give love.

#oneformeoneforyou Valentine’s Day gifts

Valentine's Day Nomination

Love is sharing, through good and bad times. Nomination can help you share your joy, through these special Links for Composable Bracelets. One for you and one for your beloved. If you cannot resist to the charm of the Orient and its ancient culture, you might choose our Ying and Yang Composable Classic Links. A jewel from our #oneformeoneforyou collection, perfect to be shared with your complementary person, your Yang.

Valentine’s day gifts: a precious feeling within a jewel

Close your eyes, think about a memory, a special moment shared with your partner. Now take it and turn it into a jewel to give to your beloved. As the moon illuminates the travellers’ path at night, if you love travelling this is the pendant with the moon symbol, from our SeiMia Collection. The perfect choice to be matched with our SeiMia Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings.

Get ready for Valentine’s Day and choose, among Nomination Jewellery, a customised gift able to tell you love.