There is noone like Mom!


The gift every mother loves on Mothers' Day is one that comes from the heart. Find the perfect gift from our special selection of jewellery for all those Moms out there. How would you describe your Mom? Laid-back, adventurous or super chic?

Our Gift Ideas will help you find just the right thing for her and your budget and remind her that she means the world to you!

#1 Does she love travel and sports?
Does your mom love to travel, discover the world around her? She is always on the go, doesn't miss a Zumba lesson or a charity Marathon? Our Composable bracelets are the perfect thing for her. You could also choose from our Composable Links from Around The World Collection. You can also choose a colourful silicon watch from the Pure Collection for a sportier look.

#2 Does she love shopping and fashion?
If your Mom's favourite hoppy is picking out new bags, shoes or clothes, then you can help her complete her look with a jewel that reflects her passion for fashion. Choose from every woman's Must Have: bracelets from the Composable Collection.

#3 Does she love romance and relaxation?
Your mom can't resist the thought of a Spa weekend or a relaxing massage, then romantic and classic is the right jewellery choice for her. We suggest an item from our Cortina Collection: delicately irresistible with Steling Silver pendants that show all your love.