Everything has a reason: jewellery with a meaning


Sometimes a symbol is worth more than a thousand words. Immediately recognizable, full of comprehensible meanings at first glance or all to be discovered, a symbol can become the means to express a strong and original thing that matters to you. Tell everyone who you are by wearing the symbols that most represent you or give them to a loved one to send a special message: how? With Nomination Composable Links!

Here is a selection of 10 charms decorated with the most beautiful symbols to compose a bracelet that tells others who you are or as gift ideas for a person you love. Discover the meaning of each piece and let it inspire you!

#1 Love in Italics Composable Classic Link
Three red hearts beating stronger than ever accompany the script "Love": is there a better symbol to celebrate love?

Choose this charm if you are looking for a special way to remind your better half how much you care about her!

#2 Mum and Heart Composable Double Link
A pillar of the family, always present and ready to take care of the whole family: Mum is truly unique! A heart adorned with stones decorates the link dedicated to her, to thank her once again for always being there.

#3 Infinity Dad Composable Double Link
The family is one of the most precious loves that one can ever have in life: it creates an indissoluble bond with each member that is part of it. All the affection for your dad represented in a charm: what symbol could represent it better than infinity?

#4 Little pink feet Composable Classic Link
Another charm dedicated to one of the most exciting and beautiful moments in a person's life: the cute little pink feet, which symbolize without a shadow of a doubt the birth of a little girl.

The pink enamel of this charm is devoted to a wonderful bouncing baby girl: the perfect gift idea for a new mum to whom you wish the rosiest future!

#5 Yin Yang Composable Classic Link
Yin and Yang represent two forces that depend on each other: neither one would exist if there was not the opposite one. It is precisely the opposition of the two forces that creates the balance of all the things that surround us, according to ancient Chinese philosophy: that is why the deepest meaning of this symbol is "harmony."

#6 Link Composable Classic Four leaf green leaf
A bit of luck every now and then is good for everyone! Wish the best to a person you love with this colorful charm: it is like accompanying them all throughout their journey.

#7 Link Composable Classic Graduation Cap
Life is marked by so many fundamental steps, so many blocks that a little at a time build a path that describes us.

One of the most exciting moments (even for mum and dad) for those who decide to dedicate themselves to study is getting the degree. A gift idea for a person who has reached this goal.

#8 Peace Symbol Composable Classic Link
One of the most famous symbols in the world is the peace sign. Adopted universally with this meaning, this sign was first conceived in 1958 by the English artist Gerald Holtom. A curiosity? Initially it was created to strongly and significantly represent the Nuclear Disarmament Movement. Within a few years, however, it was adopted by pacifist movements around the world, thanks to the simplicity of the design, which could be drawn without difficulty by anyone.

#9 Family Tree Composable Big Link
The family tree is a diagram that represents all family relationships between a group of individuals, going back to even the most distant ancestors. Instead of a cold set of straight lines, why not use the branches and leaves of a real green tree to represent bonds with the people closest to us?

#10 Friend Composable Classic Link
A true friend is the one who always supports you, is near you when you need him, and much more! He is sincere, honest and (for your good) will always tell you when you are wrong.

And then he is also the one with whom you share the most amazing adventures and the biggest laughs. In short, a true friend is precious: why not give him a gift that tells him how important he is?