Family stories, charms stories


Since 1993 every year on May 15, International Day of Families is celebrated. This celebration was instituted by the United Nations to celebrate the family in all its forms: a family is understood as a social structure based on the affection and mutual care of the people it is made up of.

Love, esteem, respect, and help characterize everyday life within the family, with which they share many moments that mark the life of each member. And you? What is the most beautiful family memory you carry with you? How many stories about the moments you have spent together can you tell?

Say it with Nomination: here is a collection of 10 links that tell one of the most beautiful family stories. For yourself or for someone you love, choose the right jewellery for each moment and compose your own story to wear.

#1 Just Married Composable Big Link
One of the most beautiful days of life for the couple who decides to take the big step. A day that celebrates the union of two hearts, which formalizes the beginning of a new path to discover. An indelible day, to always take with you.

#2 Gold and Enamel House Composable Classic Link
That small happy port where you come together in the evening after an exhausting day: home sweet home is the place where the family begins and becomes the ultimate symbol of it.

#3 Blue Carriage Composable Big Link
The arrival of a baby at home is probably the event that most fills the hearts of a happy couple. A couple that from this moment on will be so much more. Here is a link that tells the joy of new parents, a gift idea to wish them a rosy future.

#4 Pink Dummy Composable Classic Link
And family happiness grows even more when another bundle of joy arrives after the first. Here is a link dedicated to the birth of a beautiful little girl, to add to your bracelet to tell your happy story.

#5 Grandfather and Grandmother Composable Big Link
But you certainly cannot forget about the grandparents! Wise, affectionate and always present, with their experience they always find the best solution for anything. A token of gratitude for grandparents for being in the family is a must.

#6 Tooth Composable Classic Link
Then one day the children begin to grow and we realize a little at a time from the little steps that they take daily. Losing the first baby tooth, for example: an event that all children have in common and thrills mum and dad as they watch their children grow bigger and bigger.

#7 My Dog Composable Big Link
A place of honor is also reserved for animal friends who, when they enter the house, bring so much joy to the hearts of the young and old (and sometimes a bit of fun disorder, too).

#8 Sis Composable Classic Link
How many times has it happened that you were dying to tell something to someone who completely understands you? How many was that someone your sister, your special confidant, and guardian of your secrets? A link to share, for two inseparable sisters.

#9 Daughter Composable Double Link
Many important moments take place in a daughter's life: from the first day of school, to the beginning of a brilliant career, to the start of a her own family. Here is a special gift for her who will always be the little girl in mom's and dad's hearts.

#10 Mummy Composable Classic Link
Mum is always the mum, even when her children are grown up. That's why the last link in the collection is devoted to her: a precious and special thanks to her who accompanies us throughout the long journey of our lives.