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Boxing Day: just when is it and how did this tradition start?

Boxing Day: just when is it and how did this tradition start?

Boxing Day is celebrated in the United Kingdom, as well as in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Guatemala and, generally speaking, in all the countries which are part of the Commonwealth of Nations whose populations are predominantly Christian.

Boxing Day falls on December 26th in conjunction with the Feast of Saint Stephen, a holiday which is celebrated in many European countries. It’s a day focused on presents and giving, and it is also associated with the beginning of sales, a bit like Black Friday! Discover Nomination’s sales and take the opportunity to give beautiful jewellery to yourself and to the ones you love.

Boxing Day: a secular tradition

Referring to “Christmas boxes,” Boxing Day dates back to the Middle Ages, at least in Europe, although it’s been said to go back as far as the late Roman age. It was officially instituted in the United Kingdom in 1871 to celebrate the aristocratic tradition of giving or donating something to the poor. Churches opened their offertory boxes on December 26th, and employers rewarded their employees with a bonus as a way of thanking them for all their hard work during the year. The “box” contained gifts and extra food, and employees were given the day off to spend time with their families.

Boxing Day: special Nomination promo

Wonderful traditions continue century after century and keep up with the times. Today Boxing Day has expanded into a full Boxing Week. Once Christmas is over, it’s time for shopping at great low prices.

Nomination Jewellery

And Nomination has got a surprise just for you! Here’s a special promo for everyone who has signed up for our newsletter. What treasure will you find? A Promo Code to start the winter SALES in ADVANCE and get an exclusive discount of 50% off a wide selection of products! What are you waiting for? Go pick out your favourite Nomination jewellery!

Boxing Day: a Nomination Bracelet for you and the ones you love

Give and you will receive, as the saying goes. Even though Christmas is over, the spirit of giving remains in our hearts. Create a Composable Bracelet by Nomination for yourself and for the ones you love, decorating it with all sorts of different Links, #oneformeoneforyou.

The Composable Collection was designed to make jewellery as unique and as precious as the people who wear it. Take this opportunity to let your tastes and your personality stand out with the new Composable Bracelets and have fun creating the perfect bracelet for those you care about the most.

Ideas for Boxing Day: Nomination Necklaces

Brighten up your outfit with one of our Nomination Necklaces. Unique, unforgettable style crafted using the highest quality materials according to the old-world goldsmithing traditions which define Made in Italy: stainless steel, gold, rose gold, silver, gemstones.

Nomination Necklaces

For her: long, sophisticated necklaces with pendants, but also necklaces worthy of a diva’s charm enriched with the timeless elegance of pearls for a look that’s a little Meghan Markle, a little Kate Middleton. For him: here are Nomination’s dedicated ad hoc collections: Atlante, Voyage and Bond, from sporty to classy vintage. For the office, his free time both day and night, on holiday or for a special dinner out, perfect for every occasion.

Ready for Boxing Day? Discover all the offers and discount codes on Nomination products: bracelets, Links, necklaces, earrings, rings, watches, Composable and personalisable jewellery. Sign up for our Newsletter and discover Made in Italy quality!