Birthstone Charms

Birthstones have so many mysterious properties. According to crystal therapy, each of them is able to transmit positive energy to the wearer: all you have to do is choose the right ones for your spirit. In particular, there is a deep connection between zodiac signs and natural stones: each sign has a lucky gemstone, to be worn as a protective amulet on every occasion. And let’s be honest: not only do our birthstones bring us luck, but they’re also beautiful, with all their colours and grains. Choose them for yourself and your jewellery, or give them to someone you really care about for a special occasion. We’ll help you choose the semiprecious stone and jewellery best suited to the people you love. Discover all the Nomination jewellery with birthstones: they’re guaranteed by the Made in Italy seal and are crafted with top quality materials.

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