The anchor symbol: its meaning and when to give it as a gift


The anchor is a symbol that’s closely linked to sailors and is tattooed and worn as jewelry by many people who love sailing and the sea. But the anchor actually has a deeper meaning than its obvious connection to the ocean. Over time a lot of men have started wearing jewelry with anchor-shaped pendants, even though they don’t have a specific connection to the sea. So is it just a fashion choice, or does this symbol mean something more?

Let’s take a look at the anchor’s hidden meanings: whether they are ancient or more recent, they always make for fascinating tales. Finding out more about the stories related to this symbol may help us to choose a great gift for someone special: a lot of men love jewelry with anchors and other nautical symbols. And it’s not just the men: the anchor has also become the perfect charm for women’s jewelry that’s classy, fun and contemporary.


The maritime anchor, symbolizing strong ties

A strong bond, deep, enduring and invincible: this is one of the greatest and most intense meanings represented by this symbol. Its original purpose was to anchor ships to the bottom of the sea, thus making it safe for everyone on board. Over time it was only natural that the anchor became a symbol of secure, solid, meaningful ties.

This is why giving a gift decorated with an anchor is an important gesture and should be dedicated to a loved one, a brother, your dad. Jewelry that’s perfect for a man who is an important part of your life is the bracelet with an anchor clasp from the B-Yond collection: a hypoallergenic 316/304 stainless steel bracelet with an anchor-shaped clasp. If, however, you prefer something simpler and less ornate, yet still unique, you might choose the rubber and hypoallergenic stainless steel bracelet with the anchor symbol from the City collection, featuring details in yellow or black PVD. In the same City collection, you can find many other bracelet models with the anchor symbol and choose according to the tastes of the recipient. Discover them all!

Not just bracelets, because this symbol is also perfect in the form of a pendant, like the necklace with an anchor-shaped pendant, made of steel and adorned with black steel details and Cubic Zirconia, or in the Manvision collection necklace, with the Wind Rose and anchor, in hypoallergenic steel, to be gifted along with the bracelet with a central anchor, or, for a different gift, with the keychain, also from the same collection and also with a central anchor, for a touch of style and design


The anchor as a symbol of hope

Initially tied to safety and stability, over time the maritime anchor has also been used as a symbol for broader meanings. For example, as a part of Christian tradition, this object has quickly become a message of hope towards the future: the anchor symbolizes a brilliant, happy life.

A meaningful gift for an important person in our life, to wish them the best on a special occasion. And what's better than personalizing a piece of jewelry to make it truly unique? With Nomination, it's very simple: just choose the piece of jewelry to be engraved, design your own anchor, upload the design to the website, and within a few days, receive this gift at home that will, we're sure, leave the recipient speechless. 


Express your love by sharing the anchor symbol

Life, stability, a connection: over time, it was only natural that the anchor became a symbol of love. This object is often depicted as a symbol of fidelity: the anchor gets firmly planted into the bottom of the ocean floor and provides the ship with the stability it needs. This is the same stability that two people who are in love with each other rediscover day after day.

Many couples get matching anchor tattoos to symbolize their eternal love. Or they wear jewelry embellished with this meaningful nautical symbol.

The Composable Links decorated with the anchor can be added to the customized men's bracelet, as in the case of the Composable GLAM bracelet with Anchor symbol in 316/304 Stainless Steel, also available with a black PVD finish and Enamel; while for her, a Composable made unique with the Link with the anchor symbol in Stainless Steel and 750 Gold, also available in Black PVD colour coating and Anchor symbol in White enamel.

Give jewelry decorated with the anchor: a strong symbol to represent your special bond!