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The Composable links are iconic charms that allow you to personalize your composable Nomination bracelet or watch. Create a unique and original piece of jewelry and wear it as an indelible sign of your personal story or give it to someone you love to mark a special occasion. The Nomination charms are a stunning collection of letters and symbols to be adapted to any occasion: completely Made in Italy, they are embellished with elegant detailing and crafted from exquisite materials such as silver, yellow and rose gold, gemstones and enamel, so that each single link is a one of a kind. Choose the letters if you want to write your own name or that of your best friend for a really special gift. The numerous symbols or charms will let you say it with originality. For a love message you can adorn the Nomination bracelet with an engraved inscription or with one of the heart-symbol links, and if you want to create a good-luck charm for someone special in your life, pick a link with a birthstone to match their zodiac sign. For a major event such as a graduation or a wedding, there is a link collection to mark significant milestones in your life, but don’t miss out on the many links and charms dedicated to those annual celebrations that bring a smile to your face, like Christmas or birthdays. If you want to surprise a member of your family with a customized gift, Nomination composable bracelets and watches are just what you are looking for. There is an astonishing array of links dedicated to moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. You can also choose from Classic, Big or Double Links.