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Composable Bracelets

Composable bracelets by Nomination are original, high quality jewelry for men, women and children. Personalize the stainless steel bracelet base with Links for every occasion: choose from among the vast offering of Links with symbols, letters, charms and pendants to create one-of-a-kind jewelry that’s all about you. Each Link tells a story through its precious details in sterling silver, gold, rose gold, gemstones and enamel. Remember an unforgettable trip with Links dedicated to flags from every country. Give a lucky bracelet adorned with birthstones for each zodiac sign. Choose a friendship charm for the Composable bracelet to give to someone special, or one of the many Links dedicated to love for the man or woman in your life. For your personalized bracelet, you can choose Classic Links to create elegant, classy jewelry, or Double Links to double your sentiment.

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