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The Composable collection is dedicated to anyone who wishes to express their personality through the jewelry they wear. The Composable Bracelets and Watches are completely customizable and they enable you to create a unique and original accessory for each single occasion – one that reflects you and tells your story. Nothing could be easier than adding new links to the steel blanks whenever you feel like a change: link is the name of the iconic Nomination mosaic rectangles adorned with letters and symbols in gold, enamel, gemstones and charms. So Nomination’s composable jewels become an accessory to be worn for any occasion: clearly elegant and sophisticated, but with a fun side too when the need presents itself. Trendy jewelry that is in step with the latest fashions and even features a series of fresh and original charms, making your bracelet or watch something you can’t leave the house without, whether it’s just for chilling out with friends or a fancy cocktail party. But there’s more to it than that. With its customizable links, the jewelry from the Composable collection is actually a visual language that allows you to express your feelings to those closest to your heart. Choose from an array of letters in silver, yellow and rose gold and from the countless symbols on the Nomination mosaic rectangles to compose your special message. It will be a precious gift to mark and share a truly special moment or an important occasion with the people you love. A gift that will make every story unforgettable because you tell it your way and you give it to those that count. For all those special moments in your life, choose top Italian quality with Nomination’s customizable composable bracelets and watches.