Presents for girlfriend

The date is getting closer and closer to Christmas: have you already thought about what to get the most important person in your life? Choosing the right gift for your girlfriend, for example, is sometimes really hard to do! The Christmas gift for your girlfriend has to be magical. It should be about her and say something sweet that she’ll never ever forget.

What better idea than personalized jewelry? Something that’s unique and original and created just for her. Plus, everybody knows how much women love jewelry! To give you a 100% original Christmas gift idea, we’ve selected a few options that’ll really wow your girlfriend.

The materials used to create Nomination jewelry are always top choice: yellow and rose gold, silver, stainless steel, colored gemstones and crystals are combined to create jewelry that has an original design and is always fashion forward.

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If you’re in search of Christmas gift ideas for girlfriends that are truly special, choose jewelry with a customized engraving: write her a sweet message for a Christmas that’ll be truly magical!
Bracelets from the Extension Messages Collection are crafted in stainless steel and contain an engravable gold plaque: choose the symbol you want next to your message that’s best suited to your better half, like the tender heart with Cubic Zirconia or the infinity symbol. Or you could choose a bracelet that already contains one of our inscriptions that’s perfect for any special occasion.

Romantic Christmas presents for girlfriends

With the collection of Composable bracelets, Links and Charms, create customized jewelry and express your message of love to your partner: the new Links from the Life Collection, for example, are dedicated to the most beautiful moments in life and contain romantic symbols and messages to make your girlfriend’s Christmas truly special. In addition to the inscribed Links, you can add charms with precious colored gemstones like rock crystal and colored agate, or you could add the most enchanting symbols, made in yellow and rose gold.

Discover all the Composable bracelets built with romantic Links and Charms and choose the perfect surprise for her to find under the Christmas tree! From the My Angel bracelet decorated with elegant rose gold Links to the bracelet dedicated to living together, to the Composable Big bracelet that shares the tender story of a couple falling in love, just like you two.