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Mother’s day: gift ideas for 5 mom types

Mother’s day: gift ideas for 5 mom types

She’s very skilled at pairing socks, the perfect "lost and found" radar, a dispenser of good tips (the right ones, most of the time), a trained chef and she’s always ready to impress you with her “old ways”, which are unavailable even on the Internet.

No, she’s not Wonder Woman, she’s your mum! The one who lovingly and tenderly has always been by your side. The Mother’s day is about to come, think about a gift befitting your mom! You will have the opportunity to celebrate and coddle her, by choosing an original little present, suitable to her tastes and personality.

Here are some tips by Nomination to choose a jewel to give your mom, to celebrate her special day!

Nomination gift ideas for a romantic mum

If your mum has a romantic and tender soul and shall never stop daydreaming and being moved by those love movies, seen over and over, she will definitely appreciate the elegance and simplicity of our Composable Bracelet with a heart in yellow gold and the inscription "Mum" or the Composable with a special design from our Mixit Special Edition Collection, which features many heart-shaped pendants.

You can give her more with our Mother’s Day special sale!

Buy a jewel from our Composable Collection for a value of at least £ 100 and get a sophisticated and elegant jewelry box. The promo runs from 2 to 22 March.

Gift ideas for a healthy and sporty mum

Nomination Bracelets

Does your mum love physical activity and is her gym bag always ready? Is every free moment of the day the right one to go for a run, a walk or whatever else is a great way to get active? Among the gift ideas especially designed for a very sporty mum, there’s our Nomination Composable Bracelet to customise with our Nomination “hobby and sport” Links.

Gift idea for a traveller mum

Probably as a child, you missed your mum when she was away on business and what a joy to see her again, back home, with plenty of presents and surprises. Today she’s happily retired, shining of renewed youth, she travels the world and it’s therefore the right time to impress her with a beautiful surprise to always bring with her.

Among the Nomination gift ideas, there’s the Composable Bracelet with the Pendent representing the tree of life, in silver 925 and enamel. A symbol with different important meanings, among which the importance of recognize and remember your own origins. Nobody can embodies this value better than your mum.

Your mum is always the star which guides your life, even from far away. Nomination jewels help you to never forget it through the double Link with moon-shaped pendant and the Classic Link with a star in silver and glitter.

Gift ideas for a fashion addicted mum

How many times have you stolen or borrowed clothes from her closet and she’d pretend not to notice? You try to match her style, but that’s not always easy, because a stylish woman is ageless and difficult to imitate. It is not even easy to find the right present on Mother’s day for this kind of woman. Now you just have to rely on Nomination which offers you a pair of hoop earrings in silver and rhodium-plated.

For a royal lady look you might opt for a Single Earring with pendant shaped like a letter or focus instead on a pair of pendant hexagon shaped Earrings, for a more modern design.

Gift ideas for a sweet and loving mum

Nomination Links

All your friends loved her: caring, always with a kind word or an affectionate gesture, ready to wipe away every tear from your face and to organise the best birthday party ever. Here are some gift ideas for her, to celebrate her on the Mother ‘s day.

A necklace with the plaque “I love you mum” to send a sweet and clear message to one of the most important person of your life.

If you prefer instead a present able to represent her personality and related to her emotional and spiritual side, then you can opt for an extension Ring with gemstone, that she will really appreciate. Discover all the meaning of the colors and of the gemstones, and pick up the one that better fits your mum’s personality.

We all know: the work of your mum will never ends , lasting a lifetime. She’s there, always ready to satisfy your every wish. Try to impress her on Mother’s day with a special, unique and present, shiny like a Nomination Jewel.