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It Will Be OK

It Will Be OK

This is a complex time right now for us all, people from every country and every nation. We have been forced to change our habits, give up some personal freedom in order to actively fight this “battle” to stop the spread of Covid-19. We at Nomination want to take a moment to say thank you to the Italian people, who have come together as a community, resilient and resolute, finding courage together. The Italian people who shout out together, each from their own balcony or backyard at the top of their lungs the shared anthem of this moment: Andrà tutto bene! It will be OK!.


A special Thank You to healthcare workers and those who stay home Healthcare workers are at the front line of this battle: Doctors, nurses, nurses aides, paramedics and volunteers make up a team united against this incredible challenge in a show of extraordinary and unyielding determination. The only way that we can really be at their side is to stay in our homes, thus doing our part to stop the spread of this virus so that they can do their best to help those who end up in the hospital.
As a show of respect for life, ours and, above all, for those who are at risk and for the lives and well-being of those who are working day and night to provide care to people struck by this insidious virus, the battle cry must be “stay safe, stay home”, safe within the walls of our own homes.

In the words of poet Khalil Gibran “Your house is your larger body". Rediscover your home and your time; live it in a new way. Give value to what you have now that you have the chance to do so, now that that frenetic pace of everyday life has slowed down; observe your life from a new perspective.


Starting all over again will not be easy, but we must face the challenge “It will be OK” is the positive message that has become Italy’s new mantra and is making it’s way around the world. Internet keeps us connected and close despite the distance, bringing us images of shared hearts and rainbows after the storm, composing a message of hope and optimism. Thousands of people hang colourful banners from windows and balconies to brighten and fill the empty greyness of deserted cities and bring a ray of hope. It is true, starting over may not be easy, but we cannot wait to have the chance to do it. One step at a time, never forgetting with each step what we have been through and knowing that even if this virus has brought us destruction, it is from the ruins of that destruction that we must rise.