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Grandparents Day: how to say “I love you” with an original gift

Grandparents Day: how to say “I love you” with an original gift

Grandparents Day is approaching. This is a day dedicated to two of the most important members of the family: grandpa and grandma, who accompany their grandchildren throughout life’s many fun adventures and journeys of discovery with their love and wisdom.

This is a day to be spent with the whole family organising an excursion or even just a simple lunch or dinner. An occasion to remember many wonderful moments spent together over the years, and to thank your grandparents for everything they do every day for the people they love – especially their grandchildren.

Poetry and phrases about grandparents aren’t enough to show them how important they are to you. Create a personalized bracelet to gift to your grandpa or grandma as a token of your affection and gratitude: here are our suggestions for creating a truly unique and special piece of jewelry.

Presents for grandparents: Links dedicated to the family

Family is a safe haven where we can always find love, comfort and understanding. Each of the members of our family has an extremely important and fundamental role: if one of these parts is missing, the result would certainly not be the same.

Grandparents Day is an occasion to celebrate the wonderful group to which we belong, all together: our family. This is why the perfect gift to dedicate to your grandparents is a symbol that represents the family itself.

"I love my family" is the strongest and clearest message possible, displayed on a Link and added to the Composable bracelet for your grandpa or grandma. To watch over the family at all times, however, there is the Angel in rose gold, a precious and perfect charm for a piece of jewelry to gift on Grandparents Day.

Classic Family Angel Rose Gold Link

Gifts for grandma: a precious token to wear every day

If you are looking for a gift for your grandma that is truly chic but that also carries a profound meaning, choose our Composable Links with messages in gold or hanging charms. Our suggestions? Gift your grandma a poem about grandparents along with our extremely sweet Link with a heart in yellow gold and the engraving “Nana” - the most tender way of expressing yourself to your grandma.

Classic Composable Best Grandma Pendant Link

Dedicated entirely to her, our beloved grandma, choose the new medallion pendant to add to a Composable bracelet. The message reads “Best Grandma”, accompanied by a bouquet of forget-me-nots, a delicate flower that is also the symbol of Grandparents Day.

As an alternative to choosing Links to create a unique and personalized bracelet to give to your grandparents, you can select a pre-assembled Composable bracelet, like the luxurious jewelry piece dedicated to the family as a whole, which will always remind your grandmother of the moments and people dearest to her.

Gifts for your grandpa: a bracelet to carry your affection with him always

What is the perfect gift for a grandpa? A protective piece of jewelry, a symbol of the affection that you feel for him, to wear on any occasion and to carry the most important people with him, always.

The black My Angel bracelet is the gift that will make him understand that you are always by his side to support him and aid him, just as he has been there for you throughout your whole life, like a guardian angel.

An alternative is the bracelet with a black protective stone for the month of his birth, another message of affection to present to your grandpa for Grandparents Day. Which Link should you add to the bracelet, alongside his birth stone? The Link with the engraving “Grandpa” in rose gold, for a personalized and original gift.

Classic Composable Libra Bracelet in gold

Choose a base, your Links and the message that you want to communicate for Grandparents Day, and create a personalized Composable bracelet with our configurator!