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5 good intentions to start out the 2020

5 good intentions to start out the 2020

The 2020 is just around the corner and another busy year has gone. When New year’s Eve is about to come leaving the old year behind, you always have great enthusiasm and the will to undertake new walks of life. Your long to-do-list takes now shape and is actually often the same as the previous year! But don't get discouraged! A positive attitude is the first step to start the new year feeling full of energies.

Here are 5 good intentions to add to your list, to make your 2020 shine like the new Nomination jewels!

Make yourself a gift

A good intention is, above all, a sort of promise with yourself. To love yourself every day and meet your wishes. Give yourself a gift: our Nomination #unoameunoate Collection is designed just for you and your loved ones. To share and convey your happiness and joy. Nomination Composable Bracelets are the protagonists of your look to be completed with our Nomination #unoameunoate Links, piece by piece, just like a puzzle.

Pick a pair of Nomination Links for the Classic Composable Bracelets with the inscription #unoame and #unoate, for an unforgettable gift for you or whoever you want!

Learn a new language

Nomination Jewelry

Communication is essential to connect with the others. And today it can be a very achievable goal also through all the online classes available. You can travel in the country of your dreams and speaking the new language, keeping it alive and trained, without any fear of not understanding. Learning a new language is like having a new melody into your life. That's why we designed the silver necklace with star and pendant from our Melodie Collection, featured by a very sophisticated and elegant look.

Doing physical activity

As Alice in Wonderland used to chase the White Rabbit, which was always late, do you undertake your commitments, keeping running from one side to the other, without stopping and you never seem to find time to join a gym or fitness class? Physical activity is actually very important, especially if you have a desk job or if you need to relieve stress. Start your New Year taking care of yourself.

Create your personal Nomination Composable Bracelet and enrich it with your favorite Nomination Tiles, for example our Nomination Composable Classic Link with the pendant with the Medical tag may be perfect for you, to always remind you to take care of yourself, do physical activity and finding the time necessary to do all those things that make you feel better.

Plan a journey

How many times have you postponed your dream trip because of your work or numerous other inconveniences? Stop procrastinating and start now to plan a journey, from the passport to the country of destination, from the means of transport to the accommodations. Keep in mind: every departure represents also an opportunity to go further, grow, enrich your spirit and better understand yourself and your loved ones.

Take always with you our Nomination silver bracelet with stars and moon-shaped pendants, from the Nightdream Collection: because the moon represents the soul and your way to experience emotions, desires and dreams.

Read one book a month

Nomination Jewelry

Virginia Woolf said: “Sometimes I think heaven must be one continuous unexhausted reading.” We all know that books are great traveling companions. And you can even travel lost in that book that has been on your bedside table for a long time. Reading sets you free! Here are two ideas, one for him and one for her.

A Composable Bracelet featured by a blue base with a Link depicting a vintage motorcycle, perfect for a journey with your minds, or the women silver ring with a double heart , from our Sweetrock Collection.

Are you ready to face the new year helped by these good intentions? With Nomination jewelry this new year 2020 you will really be at the top!