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Gift ideas for Travelers and Globetrotters

Gift ideas for Travelers and Globetrotters

Everyone likes to travel, but there are those who have the constant need to explore and see new places: we are actually talking about the Wanderlust, that typical impulse that sometimes gets very uncontrollable. For Christmas, Nomination has designed some amazing gifts for all those uncontrollable travelers who have a suitcase always packed. Give your friends a Nomination jewel to always take with them all around the world.

Gift ideas for tireless travelers


Wanderlust was originally a term used to define a curious person which loves discovering the world. Nowadays it has a deeper meaning and totally expresses the impulse and desire to travel and not being still in the same place. Among all Nomination Collections you will find the perfect gifts for your travelers friends, both for women and men.

Gift for travelers: composable jewels

Lovers of travels have very creative and imaginative personalities. For a gift customised basing on your friends’ personality, create a tailor made travel themed bracelet with the perfect travel charms! Enrich your Nomination Composable bracelets with our Travel themed tiles.

One idea, for example, could be the double Link with the inscription “Travel” featured by a plane in black enamel.

Among the Nomination jewelry for travelers, a perfect idea might be the special tile with the palm-tree symbol in steel and gold to always remember all those warm and exotic places they’ve been or the Links from All around the World Collection with the flags or the places of all the countries they love the most or they dream to visit.

If your globetrotter friend is about to take on a new adventure, you could add our To Infinity and Beyond special Nomination Links from the #unoameunoate Collection: give one to your friend and keep the other with you, waiting for him/her to come back.

Men travel themed jewelry

Nomination has designed the special Voyage Collection perfect for those who have the impulse to discover the world: for a friend which has a suitcase or a backpack always packed, ready in a corner of the room. The perfect gift could also be a Nomination bracelet in stainless steel featured by an anchor and black hematite to be matched to a steel necklace with a gold anchor symbol, with the hope of finding, sooner or later, a safe harbor where to stop.

Nomination has designed another Collection of men's jewelry for globetrotters only, Atlante, with a line of models perfect to be worn on a plane, in a canoe or on a train, anywhere in the world, able to always remind of you and this wonderful gift. Our stainless steel necklace with the infinity symbol and a vintage effect finish, represents the great desire to explore the cultures around the world.

Nomination Jewelry

A very impressive idea might be our steel keychain with the infinity symbol, so that your very special bound will never be broken, even on a journey to the farthest ends of the Earth.

Women travel themed jewelry

For your globetrotter friend who is always telling you anecdotes and curiosities about her travels you might choose a necklace with pendants from our SeiMia Collection with a star-shaped pendant to be matched to a plaque with the inscription "Friends Forever", so that she can always take with her the memory of your friendship, wherever she is in the world.

Do you want to customise the necklace with the head letter of her name and a heart-shaped pendant of her favorite color? Through our configurator you can compose and customise the perfect necklace for your globetrotter friend, choosing among all available Nomination charms and pendants.