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Flower’s meanings: say it with Composable

Flower’s meanings: say it with Composable

Knowing and interpreting the right meaning of flowers, allows you to send out a clear message to express your mood to all your loved ones, like friends.

On the occasion of the World Friendship Day, which will be held on July the 30th, surprise your best friends with an unexpected gift from Nomination. Let yourself be helped by all Composable jewels inspired by the theme of Nature and Flowers and choose among the flowers that symbolize friendship.

Inspire yourself with La Vie en Rose, the new Nomination Composable bracelet, with floral symbols and pearls, perfect to tell the most sweet, pure and sincere side of life and one of the most strong feelings able to bind people: friendship.

You will find floral tiles to compose the Nomination bracelet you want to give also by choosing the Precious Blooms Edition in pink gold.

Camellia, esteem and admiration

Several flowers may have a deep meaning but some of them are able to express the strength and beauty of a long term friendship, which has evolved over time without any interruption. Camellia is a flower with strong and dense petals that remind all those friendships that last over time, thanks to the strong feelings of esteem and admiration able to nurture the relationships.

In this case, the most suitable Link is in steel and pink gold, with the inscription “Friends” and “Camelia”. A perfect double link to celebrate an endless friendship.

Dandelion, confidence and strength

Which feelings nourish a friendship? There could be a million different ones, because every relationship is unique. Certainly at its base, in order to have a stable relationship, there must be trust and strength, the latter results into desire and commitment to nourish and keep the friendship going.

Precious Blossom Nomination Collection

The flower symbol of these feelings is definitely the Dandelion. Nomination has created a Link fully inspired by this flower which, from an intense yellow color, after withering, turns into a light and soft element, ready to fly away through the breath of a child, as a desire blowing in the wind.

Pink tulip, affection and attention

Tulips are beautiful flowers, with a strong and fascinating personality. This flower has several meanings according to cultures: it means perfect love for the oriental world, in the West instead, if linked to this feeling, it is synonymous with changeability, and out of the loving context, it is a symbol of material and intellectual honesty.

If you want to give a tulip to you best friend, pick the pink one, a symbol of attention, affection and good luck. In this case, the Composable bracelet Link with a tulip in steel and rose goldis the perfect choice.

Orchid, purity and sincerity

Precious Bloom Nomination Collection

Purity and sincerity. This are the meanings of the Orchid, one of the most beautiful, fascinating, delicate and mysterious flowers existing in nature. Here is a Composable Classic Link to enrich your friendship bracelet shaped as a white flower that reminds the Orchid. You can even choose the Link with the flower in steel and pink gold.

Daffodil, strength and self-esteem

Daffodil is a flower with a strong symbolism. Myths and legends actually see it as a protagonist and a metaphor of human characteristics. In the language of flowers, Daffodil symbolizes strength and self-esteem. Here is a tile with a Daffodil flower for a Composable bracelet which is perfect to be paired to this Composable Link with the inscription "Friend". Because a good friend is a honest person, ready to help you in a time of need.

You don’t always need words to express your feelings. Use the meanings of flowers tell your loved ones how important they are to you. Do it through the Nomination Composable Precious Blooms Collection.