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The Christmas gift guide: the definitive guide for all the best gifts for friends and family

The Christmas gift guide: the definitive guide for all the best gifts for friends and family

Christmas is coming. Are you ready to be enchanted by its magic? Even for the toughest scrooges, whether you spend the holidays with your family, with the one you love, or with friends, you can’t deny that Christmas always manages to create a festive atmosphere full of joy. And it’s exactly for this reason that we love Christmas: because it brings people together and time almost stands still.

But Christmas is also an important moment to give something unforgettable to our loved ones, especially something chosen according to their tastes and interests. So Nomination has created a proper Christmas gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for each one of them from Nomination’s Christmas jewelry catalogue.

Nomination gifts for cooking enthusiasts

Sure, food is king at Christmas, but even on a daily basis sitting around the table is a time when we come together, and it’s a moment when we feel safe and well. In today’s world it takes effort not only to find the time to cook, but also to find someone special who knows how to cook well! A person who likes cooking is someone who gives, because making even a simple dish is a gift.

Here are some great gift ideas for cooking enthusiasts, whether it’s your mother or a foodie friend, to repay them for all the delicious delicacies they’ve prepared for you over the years. Starting with a custom-made recipe for a Nomination Composable bracelet which you create.

Nomination Jewelry

…to be embellished with a few sparkling ingredients! What better way to start than with a three-tiered “Sleeping Beauty” style cake, not to mention with the help of a magic wand and three fairies. Here’s the original Classic Charm for Composable bracelets with a symbol of a tiered cake in stainless steel and gold.

If the chef in your life also has a sweet tooth, another great Nomination Link to add to your bracelet is the one with a lollypop in rose gold. Especially with Christmas on its way, cheating a little on your diet is totally allowed.

Gifts for animal lovers

Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure, but whoever has a pet already has a treasure! For your animal-loving friends, go with pet-themed gifts. For a friend who’s absolutely crazy about their pup, here’s a silver bracelet with a Charm dedicated to their dog that says “Best Friends”.

Among the many gifts for cat lovers, don’t miss Nomination’s trendiest jewelry that’s fit for royalty! For example, check out this Composable Classic bracelet which you can engrave with the name of the kitty who’s stolen the hearts of those you hold dear. And add to it this stainless steel and sterling silver Link with a design of a cat.

Gifts for those who love to read

Reading takes us on a life-long adventure. It’s like hoping on a never-ending train. We all love to read, but there’s always one “bookworm” who devours books faster than anyone else, and usually has her head in the clouds. What are the perfect gifts for book lovers so we can avoid accidentally giving them a book they already have? The #oneformeoneforyou collection by Nomination is an example of jewelry which represents the bond between two people. This Link for Composable bracelets with “DREAM ON” is perfect for the eternal dreamer.

You could also add this vintage style Link with “TO INFINITY” written as a special dedication to your friends: unlimited adventures found within the pages of a new book.

Gifts for photography fans

A picture is worth a thousand words and tells a story. No one knows this better than people passionate about photography who are capable of capturing an emotion in an instant, thus preserving it forever. For your photography loving friends, try to stop time with a meaningful gift. Here’s the Link for him or her which shouldn’t be missing from their Composable bracelet, along with this stainless steel Link with gold symbol representing their passion for photography!

Gifts for anyone who loves the mountains

The crème de la crème of natural monuments which stand out in the skyline: it’s impossible to not get swept up in the allure of the mountains. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who can’t stay away from rock climbing, from the open spaces and silence of the vast valleys, here are some ideas of Links for a Composable Bracelet which will bring them luck on their mountain adventures. Perfect for both him and her, for anyone who loves winter and snow-capped mountain peaks, here’s the sterling silver mountain Link.

And after a challenging trek in the great outdoors, there’s nothing better than enjoying the cosy refuge of a mountain chalet. An evocative image immortalised in this Link, which is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the mountains and exploring nature.

Nomination Jewelry

Gifts for fans of the seaside

There’s no need to explain why people are enamoured by the sea. Summer or winter, it always welcomes us with the magic of its poetry. For your friend who loves the sea, here’s the Nomination gift that’s right for her, a Cubic Zirconia bracelet from the Trendsetter Collection: the infinity symbol in a single piece of jewelry!

For a guy friend or fiancé, a stainless steel bracelet with boat wheel, to navigate their way through the sea and the city.

Gifts for film buffs

“What’s the name of that actor who was in that film which came out in…?” They always know. We’re talking about the people who know an actor’s entire filmography and can discuss a director for hours, including ones you’ve never even heard of. What gifts should you give to movie buffs? For those who love Hollywood stars, you need a gift that’s literally stellar! Get inspired by Nomination’s Stella Collection for her, with this super trendy necklace with star pendant.

Pair it with these star pendant earrings. For a look worthy of a true diva!

Gifts for nature lovers

Tranquillity, peace and well-being. Surrounding yourself in nature helps to rejuvenate mind and body. No one knows this more than anyone who’s found a small piece of paradise, taking full advantage of the beauty and amazing landscape which nature has to offer. Jewelry is the perfect eco-friendly gift for nature lovers. It’s something which lasts over time, and stainless steel is one of the most sustainable materials thanks to its nearly indestructible nature. Here’s the Classic Composable bracelet in stainless steel with the tree of life that will make the perfect gift.

You can also add this Tree of Life Charm to celebrate Mother Earth and this stainless steel Link with flower in mother of pearl. Both are wonderful gifts for peaceful nature enthusiasts.

Just for you, Nomination’s Christmas gift guide, which is guaranteed to bring joy to your friends, family and significant others. Surprise them with jewelry from the Nomination collection that’s right for them!