What should you gift your sister? A special present, made just for her!


Sometimes you argue, and then immediately afterwards forget why, becoming as close as ever again. Sometimes you don’t see each other for a long time, but when you are reunited it is as if you have never been apart. Sometimes you get angry with each other, but everything passes with a shared laugh. The relationship between two sisters is truly unique, and it is almost impossible to imitate or recreate it with others. It is the stuff of nature, instinct, heart.

But when was the last time that you surprised your sister? When did you last gift her with something to remind her that your bond is as strong as ever, even though lately you may not have managed to see much of each other? You don’t need to wait until her birthday to dedicate a thought to your sister, and is a special event such as a graduation necessary.

Every once in a while, it is nice to remind someone how much you love them with a token: particularly if this is an especially significant token, which will symbolically unite two sisters even when they are apart.

Let us suggest a few gift ideas for her, jewellery that can perfectly symbolise the special bond between two sisters. Whether romantic, sentimental or glamorous: choose her birthday or another special event to celebrate with an authentic gift.

Create a piece of jewellery that tells your story

Jewellery created just for her, jewellery that tells the story of two inseparable sisters: here is the most original gift to surprise her with on the occasion of her birthday, or for a different special moment.

Many of our links and charms with special meanings are dedicated to sisters and the special bond between them.

Composable Classic Sister Bracelet and Infinity

The word “Sister” can be engraved on a material in precious rose gold, while the most charming dedication is a silver heart, a precious link dedicated to someone with a special place in our own heart.

Long-lasting, strong, energetic: the bond between two sisters never breaks, even if time and distance divide them. Which is the perfect charm to symbolise such a relationship? The infinity charm, in its most brilliant and precious version, featuring many zircons that will light up every day for your sister.

Composable Classic Link Silver Pendant Infinity

A bracelet to say “I love you!”

Is your sister’s birthday approaching, and do you want to surprise her with a special gift? Choose a precious bracelet, but one which can also show her how much you love her.

An older sister can become a real guide for younger sisters: she protects, aids, advises. How many times have her words given you strength, or simply raised your spirits when you were feeling a little down? The perfect birthday gift for a sister is surely a piece of jewellery that tells her how important she is within your family: the Loved Ones Composable Bracelet encompasses within it the family bond, in which your sister always occupies a special place.

Is your bond with your sister so important that you want to inscribe it into metal for a long-lasting gesture? Is the perfect gift one that will become a true symbol of the profound friendship that unites you? Delicate rose gold is the metal selected to communicate your message: “sister” is the engraving that will decorate one of the two materials that are the stars of the Composable bracelet for sisters, which also features a Link with an infinity charm in rose gold.

Do you think that spending your free time with your sister is one of the best past-times imaginable? Walks, shows, concerts, cocktails and – naturally – shopping trips in town.

Compsable Classic Bracelet Shopping in rose

Spontaneous purchases would not be the same without our best adventure companion – our sister. Entirely dedicated to you and to your days together: the Composable Shopping Bracelet.

A glamorous piece of jewellery for a special occasion

Will your sister soon be celebrating a truly special event, such as a graduation or important birthday? If so, a meaningful piece of jewellery is required – one which can encompass the unforgettable memory of that moment. What are our suggestions?

The necklace is a piece of jewellery that can carry within in it the meaning of entering into a new chapter in life: a piece of jewellery that is important for the woman who is growing and maturing, throwing herself into new challenges and adventures. The Armonie silver necklace is the perfect accessory for a girl who wishes to be elegant without becoming excessively formal.

Is an important occasion coming up for someone who is so important to you that all you want is to show her that you are there for her, and always will be?

The perfect gift for your sister is a piece of jewellery that will allow her to carry a touch of sentimentality – and your initials, engraved – with her always. This Bracelet with a lasting plate and heart is exactly the gift you are looking for to present to your sister.

Bracelet with Plaque to engrave and heart
Special Edition Mixit Bracelet with hearts

Another piece of jewellery that is rich in tenderness is the Mixit Bracelet with hearts: the perfect gift for a woman who is your rock, but who needs to know that, in you, she always has a reliable person at her side, with whom she shares a special and inimitable relationship. Who, if not her sister?

Are you looking for more inspiration to select the perfect gift for your sister for a special occasion? Discover our selection of jewellery dedicated to sisters.