SeiMia Collection: the perfect gift for Women’s Day


On March 8th we celebrate International Women’s Day: it’s a holiday dedicated to women and their femininity, in all its many forms. There are many accounts about its origins, several of which have turned out to be completely unconnected to International Women’s Day. So what’s the real story?

The origins of Women’s Day: why is it celebrated on March 8th?

The March 8th festivities come from International Worker’s Daywhich was established in 1921 during the 2nd World Congress by communist women in Moscow. This anniversary was used to commemorate the widespread demonstrations which had been organised by women in St. Petersburg on March 8th, 1917, the date recognised universally as the beginning of the February Revolution in Russia.

Before 1921 there were pre-existing celebrations dedicated to women in various countries, but they were held on different dates. All of the holidays in honour of women were, however, connected to the the struggles for women’s voting rights, the affirmation of their worth, and as a reminder of the injustice and violence suffered throughout history. The 1921 Congress helped establish one single date for this holiday in many countries where Women’s Day was celebrated, and little by little it became the official date in more places, in some cases only a few years later, and in others after quite a bit of time had passed.

In any event, 1975 officially became International Women’s Year, as declared by the United Nations: March 8th of that year saw equality between men and women celebrated all over the world.

International Women’s Day today

Women’s Day has lost some of its political and social connotations throughout the years, becoming an occasion for women to take some time for themselves and forget about their errands and responsibilities. It’s an occasion to spend some time and have fun with female friends, who may get overlooked with all the craziness of everyday life.

But one thing is certain: during your evening out with the girls, you’ve got to have the perfect accessory that shows off your personality and who you are. Create it ad hoc with the SeiMia Collection, which has become even richer with new symbols and jewellery like bracelets and single earrings!

Your name necklace

An accessory that’s truly personal is a name necklace: with the SeiMia Collection you can create it using sparkling letters studded with white Zirconia, and add symbols that are all about you.

SeiMIa I love My Family Necklace

In addition to symbols with precious stones, there are new charms you can use to customise your necklace: an engravable plaque, the symbol dedicated to family, small hearts with coloured enamel detailing.

You can also choose your necklace base: from the coloured rope for a long, fashion-forward necklace, to the silver ball chain. Mille combinazioni, per un gioiello veramente tuo!

Hundreds of combinations for jewellery that’s really all about you!

It’s not just necklaces: SeiMia now offers new bases to create your customised silver bracelet! Choose your favourite bracelet: the semi rigid version with plenty of space for your charms, the version made up of little silver balls, or the more minimalist chain version?

The bracelets can be embellished with all of the charms in the collection: letters to spell out your initials or the initials of someone you love, but also pendants dedicated to family or to friends, and all sorts of other decorative charms.

SeiMIa Bracelet with letter S

A single earring for a look that’s full of style

This latest accessory from the SeiMia Collection is dedicated to anyone who loves to be daring: the customisable single earring! You can add charms with letters or symbols to this circular hoop for a bold, carefree look. Pair it with a small stud earring in your other ear.

Gift ideas for Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is also an opportunity to surprise your girlfriend with a special gift.

SeiMIa Necklace with Him&Her Heart

Traditionally on March 8th men give small bouquets of mimosa to women they care about: not just to their wives or girlfriends, but also to their moms and close female friends.

But why mimosa? There are several reasons as to why this flower has become the symbol for Women’s Day: mimosas bloom during the month of March and they’re inexpensive and easy to get so everyone can give them to the women in their lives. Some people also talk about a correlation between this flower and womanhood: although they appear fragile, mimosas withstand cold winter temperatures and bloom in March, even in harsh terrains, not unlike women who’ve had to, and who often still have to fight to establish themselves in the world!

In addition to the traditional mimosas, your girlfriend also deserves a more precious gift, like personalised jewellery! Discover all the latest jewellery and charms from Nomination’s SeiMia Collection and create a customised accessory to give to your better half in celebration of Women’s Day!