How to choose the perfect Christmas gift for mum and dad


Among all the presents to think about before Christmas, the gifts for mum and dad deserve a major role. You have to think about an original gift, that could thank them for all the things our parents do for us every day of the year.

How can we choose the perfect Christmas gift for two so important people? The gift that your parents will find under the tree on this Christmas 2017 has to be precious, but it must have also astrong and emotional meaning. The Christmas gift for our parents needs to tell them how much we care about them.

That’s why we have chosen for you a very meaningful jewellery selection, to thank mum and dad for all what they do for us during the whole year.

Christmas gift for mum

Mum is always mum: that’s why she deserves a unique gift, chose from your heart!

The first jewel dedicated to her is the precious Bracelet in Steel and Gold from the Extension Messages Collection. A stretchable bracelet decorated with a precious engraving dedicated to the “Best Mum”, exactly as your mum is!

Does your mum already have a personalised Composable bracelet? Then her perfect gift is a Link to be added to this special jewellery, to let her wear in any moment the symbol of your love for her: the Link with heart in rose gold and with “mum” engraved is the perfect Christmas gift you were looking for.

Is your gift idea for mum a piece of jewellery that would celebrate her femininity, in addition to her great dedication to family and children?

A jewel decorated with a wonderful pearl is the perfect Christmas gift for a class lady: we have selected for your mum the Double Ring from The Bella Moonlight Collection a jewel to wear to make herself always feel beautiful and sophisticated during this magical Christmas holidays!

Jewellery dedicated to the most special woman in the world are really a lot: discover all the Christmas gifts for your mum on our website!

Christmas gift for dad

Dad deserves a special Christmas gift under the tree, too! We have chosen just for him a jewellery selection that would surprise him and let him know how much you care about him.

The first jewel you can dedicate to your dad on this Christmas 2017 is a jewel with a modern and fine design: the Steelikons Bracelet ready to wear, composed of steel Links decorated with grids and geometrics and with a brilliant Swarowski.

Are you looking for a more classic but trendy jewel? A man’s necklace with a cross-shaped pendant could be the Christmas gift you were looking for. Entirely realised in steel, the Montecarlo necklace is enriched with a Cubic Zirconia, available in black or white.

The personalised Composable Bracelet for Dad needs to contain a precious Link to remember him how much his children care about him! This Christmas, add a precious golden Link to his bracelet: the charm with “Dad” engraved, to surprise him with a precious gift conceived just for him.

Do you want to discover more jewellery dedicated to dad on this Christmas 2017? Visit our website and have a look at the entire collection!