Earrings for girls: the best gift options


Giving a little girl a gift on a special occasion: what should you choose? The right choice is definitely a precious accessory that makes an impact and warms their hearts. But it should also be fun and light up a little girl’s eyes
the moment she sees it.

Cute, special and easy to wear even for the littlest ones: Nomination earrings are the perfect gift to celebrate a girl’s birthday or another important event. Stainless steel, silver, gold and coloured gemstones are the essential elements making up the loveliest and funnest earrings: here are our tips for choosing accessories from among the Nomination jewellery collection for an amazing gift.

Stud earrings with animals

You can’t go wrong with stud earrings when we’re talking about girls’ jewellery: whether they’re clip-ons or are earrings for pierced earrings, they are always small and delicate accessories which add a precious touch to every girl’s look. But which ones? There are lots of different charming animals decorating many of the earrings in our collections, winning over little girls’ hearts all over the world.

The earrings with gold and stainless steel squirrels make us think about the woods and its wildlife, and also about youngsters’ favourite stories: why not choose them for a fairytale birthday gift? But there’s more than just squirrels in Nomination’s world of children’s earrings.

Another darling option are butterfly-shaped earrings, one of the creatures which little girls find fascinating, with their large multicoloured wings. The Gioie stud earrings are decorated with pink Zirconia butterflies: adorable jewellery that all the girls will love!

Stud earrings with butterfly and pink zirconia

Stud earrings with symbols and initials

If you’re looking for a gift which can be worn for many years to come, even when the little girl is all grown up, go with a pair of earrings decorated with classic symbols, which are perfect for both girls and women.

A pair of star-shaped earrings is the perfect option. Crafted in silver and studded with white Zirconia, these Gioie earrings are the right detail to brighten up the look of adults and children alike.

Romantic and tender, hearts are certainly one of the symbols most chosen by women for their jewellery, and are also beloved by little girls. Why not choose a pair of heart-shaped earrings? With their sparkling gemstones in many different colours, these earrings will add a bright bold touch to an everyday look.

Earrings with letters in gold

One last suggestion of precious stud earrings which make the perfect gift for girls are the earrings with initials from the MyBonBons line. The simple stainless steel disk is embellished with a gold letter: for a personalised gift that’s timeless.

Drop earrings for girls

Stud earrings, small and demure, are the most classic accessory when choosing a pair of earrings for a little girl. There are, however, also plenty of drop eaarrings to give to little ones. Delicate pendants adorned with small charms or coloured gemstones: they’re discrete, age-appropriate accessories for girls.

The first option by Nomination comes in the form of dangle earrings with four-leaf clover charms and green jade: the perfect jewellery for a special birthday gift, to wish the very best to a little girl as she grows bigger and bigger every day. The Bella pendant earrings are also an excellent choice for kids. Not excessively long, small coloured gemstones hang delicately below the earlobe.

Crafted in silver, these earrings are available in various finishings and colour combinations: from yellow to rose gold, paired with coloured Zirconia in many different shades, from pink to lilac, from green to light blue.

Double pendant earrings with stones

Our last suggestion for girls’ earrings: going back to butterflies, one of the most beloved creatures, this time we’ve got a pendant version with the Butterfly earrings. A large stainless steel pendant takes the shape of the amazing butterfly’s wings, with all of its vein detailing, creating sophisticated jewellery for special events, such as a friend’s birthday party.

Looking for more gift ideas for girls? Discover all the earrings perfect for the occasion in stainless steel, gold, silver and coloured gemstones.