Guide to Christmas presents for friends: what to choose?


What to give a friend on Christmas? The answer could be really complicated, especially if you have a lot of best friends to thank with a gift! For each one of them you need an original present, to let them understand how much you know them and that your friendship is really important to you.

A group of friends is always composed of many different girls, with different passions, personalities and dreams. There is our romantic friend, our sporty friend and the rebel one, with her rock soul: for each one of them we have thought about their perfect Christmas gift. Discover them all!!

#1 Gift for a romantic friend

We all have that incurably romantic and dreamy friend, she gets emotional every time you decide to watch together a love story movie.What to give her on Christmas? Too easy, a piece of jewellery adorned with sweet hearts!

We have selected our romantic Trendsetter Bracelet, available with finish in yellow or rose gold. The gift idea to give a sweet moment to your best friend!

#2 Gift for a sporty friend

Every day a different training at the gym, morning run and, during the weekend, hiking or skiing: do you recognize your sporty friend in this description? Even if she loves to wear some informal clothes and to have a casual style we can surely find the jewel that fit to her personality!

You need an accessory that would easily match with an everyday outfit: What about a steel Composable Bracelet with a bit of rose gold? The hymn “Bella la Vita” is perfect for a dynamic person as your sporty friend is!

#3 Gift for a rocker friend

Independent, strong and sometimes rebel, she loves rock music and eccentric clothes: is a girl with a rock soul part of your group?

Steel, silver, brass and rose gold compose the jewel you can dedicate her on Christmas 2017: the Special Edition Bracelet decorated with a chain enriched with a fall of hanging hearts.

#4 Gift for a fashion-addicted friend

A group of friends always has a girl who is updated on the latest fashion trends, she tries to dispense advices to her friends to always be all the rage. For your fashion-addicted friend you need a glamour Christmas gift, that could match with all the wonderful clothes in her wardrobe.

Our Christmas gift suggestion is the necklace with the big star shaped pendant. A shining jewel, realized in steel and Cubic Zirconia, that your fashion friend could wear during her exclusive New Year’s Eve party!

#5 Gift for a traveller friend

Finally, in every group there is always that girl ready to pack up and go on a trip, constantly looking for a new adventure. Although her passion is finding some exotic destinations or a new city of art, in the end her heart brings her back to her home town, where her friends are waiting for her with open arms.

Which is the perfect Christmas gift for a traveller friend? Our suggestions are the Composable Links dedicated to travel: choose these Links to create the composable bracelet that tells her passion! Among our favourites there is undoubtedly the one decorated with the plane and the red heart.

Otherwise you can choose a ready to wear Composable bracelet themed travel: the Double Link with writing “travel" plays the main role in this jewel, enriched with two brilliant black stones.

Are you looking for other original Christmas gifts for all your best friends? On our blog, we have collected an entire jewellery collection you can dedicate to the most important girls in your life!