10 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is almost here. Have you already found the right gift or are you still desperate to find a way to surprise Mum? You’ve come to the right place if you are not sure what you want to do yet. We’ve got a list of gift ideas that will make your mum get teary-eyed for sure.

Every mother is unique and deserves something as original as she is on Mother’s Day. And of course it has to let her know how much she means to you. What does your mother like? Discover Nomination’s 10 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day and you’ll find the perfect gift for your perfect mum.

#1 A Precious Engraving Just for Mum

Just a word or two, but ones that go straight to the heart of that one person who means so much to you: Mum. The ideal gift for her: the precious rosegold engraved “Mummy” Link to add to her Composable bracelet, that she never takes off.

#2 Create a Personalised Message for Mother’s Day

SeiMia Collection

Surprise your Mother on Mother’s Day with a gift from the heart from the Collection SeiMia; SeiMia means "You Are My…" in Italian. Tell her she is your Special Mum letter by letter, symbol by symbol and create a necklace to tell her how much you love her in a unique and precious way.

Choose letters with cubic zirconia, symbols and coloured crystals and let your heart run free and use your imagination to create a unique piece of jewellery to give to your Mum!

#3 A Precious Little Heart to say “I love you”

There is nothing like a sweet little heart to let your mother know that you love her. Pick a heart and personalise a Composable bracelet to dedicate to her on her special day: A Pendant Link with a heart charm will surely get your feelings across.

#4 To the World’s Best Mum!

Say it loud and clear with a precious sterling silver pendant medal Link that says just what you mean: Best Mum!

Choose the composable bracelet with the charm that was designed just for her and say those words that you might not get around to saying on a normal day. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to say thank you for what she does every day!

Composable Bracelet Best Mum

#5 Jewellery to Celebrate Every Mother’s Feminine Side

Never forget that Mum is so much more than just our mother. She is a strong, determined, busy and feminine woman and now is the time to celebrate that. Choose jewellery that highlights all her best qualities in an understated, delicate way with a sterling silver necklace complete with an elegant butterfly in Cubic Zirconia and pink jade.

#6 A Bracelet to Light Up Mum’s Face

Discreet, elegant and refined but above all sparkling. That is how to describe the perfect jewellery, to surprise your mother and put a smile on her face. What should you choose? We suggest a bracelet with rose gold finish with little stones in delicate colours - you will give her something she will never want to take off.

#7 Earrings for the Incurable Romantic

Sweet and romantic hearts are the perfect symbol to tell your mother how much you love her. Choose beautiful pendant charm earrings to add a touch of sweetness to her everyday look.

#8 Glam Jewellery for Mother’s Day

Trendsetter Bracelet with Glitter

A little bit of glamour never hurt anyone! Choose a coloured finish with a cascade of Cubic Zirconia and she will shine like the star that she is. Add a chic final touch to every day (and every outfit) with the Trendsetter Collection.

Now that you have chosen the bracelet, all you have to do is choose the colour she will like best!

#9 A Bouquet of Flowers for Mum on Mother’s Day

A bouquet of flowers is a simple, but lovely gift. Take this idea to the next level with Composable Links. For Mother’s Day you can create a bracelet that is literally a bouquet of sparkling flowers, with lots of luminous, coloured Cubic Zirconia.

#10 A Mother’s Day Classic: The Elegant Watch

Do you want to choose something classic but stylish, that combines beauty and charm with function? If so the perfect combination of all of this is a watch with a Composable band to personalise Link by Link with symbols and letters that speak about her.

Composable watch in rose gold

We suggest RoseGold finish for Mother’s Day because it finishes off all looks, whether work or play, with delicate elegance.

Still need more ideas for Mother’s Day? Have a look here!