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Composable Watches

The world of Composable jewellery is richer than ever and it goes beyond bracelets. In fact, the Composable Collection also includes watches – functional and personalisable accessories for both men and women. The watch is a classic accessory that’s always fashionable and can be worn on both casual and formal occasions requiring a certain level of elegance. But those from the Composable Collection aren’t your basic watch with a stainless steel wristband. Their uniqueness comes from the fact that they can be customised thanks to the iconic Composable Classic or Big Links. So the Composable watch is an instantly distinctive must-have, expressing your personality and sharing the most important moments in your life ever day. Personalise it and create a one-of-a-kind accessory: it’s not every day you come across a watch decorated with charms and gemstones as if it were actually a precious bracelet, do you?

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