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Wedding: a guide for wedding jewellery

Wedding: a guide for wedding jewellery

The wedding: one of the life’s most important moments. Among the preparations for the ceremony, the sending out the announcements and the choice of the dress to wear for the big day, and you cannot forget about one really fundamental detail on an occasion like this: jewellery. On her wedding day, a woman wants to shine in all her beauty and elegance as never before: the right jewellery becomes the perfect ally for that purpose.

But what jewellery should a bride wear for her wedding? Between popular ancient sayings and bon ton rules, often the choice becomes really arduous. But have no fear: here's some advice to pair jewellery to the wedding dress.

Bon ton rules for wedding jewellery

Let's start the guide to choosing jewellery to wear on your wedding with bon ton rules: there are various intriguing rules, in fact, which prescribe what a bride should - and above all what she should not - wear on her wedding day.

Elegance and moderation are the key words: jewellery that is too showy or colourful is forbidden, rather, go for clean lines, bright stones and soft colours. Watches would also be forbidden for the big day: the rule applies only to the bride, as this accessory would excessively weigh down the wrist and the purity of the dress. For the groom, on the other hand, it is tradition to wear it, choosing an elegant model with a leather or steel band.

Another bon ton rule says that your fingers must be free to put the wedding ring on at the moment of the fateful "yes". Therefore, the bride should not wear rings, not even her engagement ring, at least during the ceremony: the diamond can only be shown off at the reception. The choice of jewellery for the bride is thus narrowed to earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Be careful, nevertheless, as one of the most famous phrases of the undisputed style icon, Coco Chanel, is never more valid than on this day, which pays tribute to modesty with a solemn "Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory". Well, the bride can wear earrings, bracelets and a necklace, but not all together. So, ban the traditional sets: it is better to opt for two pieces of jewellery, coordinated or not.

Generally you should avoid wearing both a necklace and earrings, as they visually encumber two parts of the body that are very close together: one should rather choose earrings and a bracelet, or a necklace and a bracelet.

After all these bon ton rules it might seem even more complicated to choose the right jewellery for the wedding. Here are tips for choosing jewellery for the wedding by matching them with the dress, neckline and hairstyle.

Matching jewellery to the dress and neckline

Choosing the wedding dress is undoubtedly one of the most difficult moments of the wedding. The perfect dress is the one that fits perfectly, is extremely elegant and makes the one wearing it feel beautiful. Even on this occasion, personal taste plays its part: there will be those who will choose a dress with simple lines, with few sequins and frills, and those who will instead opt for something more extravagant, with lace and voluminous skirts.

In case the wedding dress is the latter type, you should wear earrings and not a necklace, as this might be excessive if laying on a very elaborate dress. Some small and bright earrings will modestly illuminate the bride’s face in her fabulous dress. The same applies to dresses with the necklines just mentioned: wearing a necklace could weigh down the look. If your dress reveals your arms, why not decorate your wrist with an equally brilliant bracelet? You can choose a minimal piece, perhaps coordinated with the earrings, or a silver piece with a delicate charm, like the elegant angel wings.

The necklace becomes the star when the chosen dress is simple or has a more important neckline. In this case you will be able to opt for a sophisticated choker: is it better to choose one that is linear or pendant? Choose your favourite.

Match jewellery to your hairstyle

Hairstyle is another important element to consider when choosing jewellery for your wedding, especially with regard to earrings.

If you want to wear your hair down showing off its length, you have to choose pieces that will not be hidden by the cascade of hair. The advice is to bet everything on brightness, choosing for example a pair of earrings that combine brilliant stones and pearls. Alternatively, you can opt for pendant earrings, that always respect the ranks of modesty and elegance: brilliant stones combined with a thin silver thread are definitely a great choice.

The hairstyles that reveal the neck, like the chignon, also go well with the longest and most prominent pieces that frame the face to perfection. Of course, you should opt for light, sophisticated pendants: angel wings might be the right option in this case as well.

For those who wear short hair the ideal is instead to opt for a small and very bright piece, that will soften the face with elegance.