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Gift ideas for mum: what is the jewel for her?

Gift ideas for mum: what is the jewel for her?

Wise counselor and special friend: mum is the reference point that is there with us from an early age, always present and always important. She protected us, cared for us, supported us, prepared lunch thousands of times: in short, thanking her for everything is not just a must, but above all it is a pleasure.

A thought from the heart is what is needed for the holiday dedicated to her. A gift that will speak for us and shout "I love you, mum!" as loudly as possible. But above all it needs something that will make her understand that we know her like she knows us.

Compose your message of love for mum: here you will find 10 ideas to do it with style.

#1 Silvershine Mum Double link
For the modern mum who is always in motion and getting along from one activity to another, the jewel to wear at all times is one in steel and silver: durable and always shining, decorated with a tender heart of brilliant stones.

#2 Link Rosegold Composable Collection
Compose her name with precious gold letters and dedicate to mum a message written from the heart: it will be the most precious jewel that she can always take with her.

#3 3 hearts Double Link
Shining stones light up the eyes of all women: light up even the heart of your mum with one of the most tender jewels.

#4 Forever Together Double Link
The bond between a mother and her children is the strongest bond of all. It is indestructible and unforgettable: the most genuine of Love Stories. The perfect jewel for mum represents that feeling: a symbol to wear so she will always have the love of her children next to her.

#5 Double link I love my family
The foundations of the family rest on her: mum is the center of it, the fixed point you can always return to when looking for assurance. Because mum always loves her family and the most beautiful jewel is the one that declares it.

#6 Fuchsia Heart and four-leaf clover Link
A symbol of good luck is the best wish for a brighter future. For a sweet gift to your mum choose the cloverleaf accompanied by a pink heart: a tender jewel to give her a smile.

#7 Umbrella with hearts Link
Mum is always ready to protect us, soothing all the adversity we might stumble upon: what better jewel is there for her than the one that represents this shield of love?

#8 Rose Gold for Engraving Double link
To give a really special gift to your mum, your personal touch is essential: choose the craftsmanship of engraving and turn your term of endearment into a precious jewel.

#9 Heart with red Cubic Zirconia Link
A heart of red stones that beats like crazy: a trendy jewel to give to the most important woman and tell her how much you love her.

#10 Black typewriter Link
If your mum looks nostalgically at old photographs and loves retro style, the right jewelry is what takes her on a trip to the past. A vintage style typewriter, to remind her of a time when you didn’t use text messages to say "I love you".