Dragonfly Pin in Stainless Steel

Accessory with Enamel details Code: 990034 23
This Pin was created by Nomination to promote the Fondazione Libellula (Dragonfly Project), the first network of businesses united in combatting violence against women. Pin in Stainless steel and enamel, Brass and Cubic Zirconia. Symbol size: 1.7 x 1.4 cm. Made in Italy. This Pin is available online and in Nomination stores. “The colour red is the symbol of the fight against violence. It also signifies vitality and willpower. The dragonfly is the symbol of transformation and the continuous process of change throughout life. Although it spends part of its existence at the bottom of a pond as a larva, it emerges from the mud and learns to fly. It is a symbol of freedom, peace, awareness and balance.” By choosing this Pin, you too can support The Dragonfly Project (Fondazione Libellula) in its work to combat gender-based violence in all its forms through education and cultural enrichment activities at companies and businesses, hospitals and on the web.

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