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Cubiamo is a line of composable jewellery which includes both bracelets in leather and sterling silver and necklaces which are embellished with precious cube-shaped charms. Choose one of the coloured leather bracelets with silver cubes composed by Nomination: there are many different colours and charms available for men and women, and you can add on as many cubes as you’d like. Or you can create your personalised bracelet from scratch: choose as the base either a single-strand or a multi-strand leather bracelet, a thicker leather bracelet, or a sterling silver bracelet, then add Classic or Big Cubiamo charms by Nomination. The collection includes charms with symbols dedicated to family, love, travelling and animals: choose your favourites and create a customised bracelet to give to someone you love! There are also tons of sterling silver cubes with decorative designs, good-luck symbols, letters so you can add your initials or your name, and coloured gemstones to make your bracelet truly special! Choose Nomination’s Cubiamo bracelets with charms for men and women and wear an original accessory, or give a one-of-a-kind gift. Each personalisable leather charm bracelet and personalisable sterling silver charm bracelet is crafted with high-quality materials and is guaranteed Made in Italy.