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Freedom Collection: Be Free To Be Yourself

Freedom Collection: Be Free To Be Yourself

Freedom. The freedom to express yourself, to take a stand, to be always yourself: all these values are communicated through your look. A piece of clothing, an accessory or piece of jewellery is not chosen for aesthetic purposes - each of them is part of a very specific communicative language, which allows us to shout to the world who we are without using words. Freedom Collection by Nomination was born from this need of expression and provides the man of our time with the tools to always show his true essence.

Freedom is communicating with a strong language, made of elements of high symbolic value, which tell the personality of the one who wears them, always making it the star. That's why Freedom has four different collections in it, each with its own character and with its own message to spread.

Because freedom is the desire to break from the usual routine and leave suddenly for a fabulous trip. In which direction? It is not important. Destination Unknown recounts this need to travel to discover unknown lands.

A collection of jewellery made up of necklaces, rings, bracelets and key rings in brass finished in silver with lava stone and leather details, all dedicated to the man who loves adventure.

But freedom also means fighting for your ideals, defending them at all costs, committing to what you believe in.Fight for Life is the line of jewellery and accessories for all the men who fight every day for their values and who want to communicate it with their look.

Assertive, strong and unconventional, Wild Spirit is the line that communicates love for the most genuine freedom, all dedicated to the man who wants to express his independence.

But freedom has many different forms: it is not just being an independent spirit, a fighter, or an aimless traveler.

Freedom is also being a dad who loves being a kid again when he plays with his children, putting away thoughts of everyday life and all the preoccupations typical of "big people": Cool Dad is the line of jewellery made just for him.