• Your Gift Card can only be redeemed online at the official Nomination online shop. The card is available for set amounts (of €/£/$/CHF 25.00 - €/£/$/CHF 30.00 - €/£/$/CHF 50.00 - €/£/$/CHF 70.00 - €/£/$/CHF 100.00) and a specific card code is associated with every amount. Your Gift Card is non-transferable, non-refundable and credit cannot be added to the available balance. It cannot be redeemed for cash or credited to any credit card or bank account;
• The Gift Card is sent to the addressee via post or via email including the card code and terms and conditions of use. The card cannot be purchased alongside with other physical products requiring shipment;
• The Gift Card can be purchased in all countries where the Online Store is active (see General Sales Terms and Conditions) and can be spent only in the country where it was purchased. The Gift Card will be sent only via email outside the European Union (Virtual Gift Card);
• The Gift Card can be used to purchase all Nomination’s products available online;
• It is possible to buy multiple cards at the same time and in the same basket, with no purchase limits;
• Every single card has a unique code, to be entered in the “Redeem a gift card” field at the check out in order to redeem the associated value. The Promotion Code is generated upon purchase and valid for the email address of the addressee only;
• The Gift Card is valid for 24 months from the date of purchase. The card cannot be used after its expiration nor refunded for any remaining credit;
• The Gift Card can be used in multiple shopping sessions and for multiple purchases until the available balance is zero. If the purchase price of the items ordered is lower than the available balance on the Gift Card, the difference will remain available for a subsequent purchase; if the purchase price of the items ordered is higher than the available balance on the Gift Card, the difference must be paid using another form of accepted payment available in our store (See General Sales Conditions). The difference remaining to be paid will be displayed in the shopping cart of the official Nomination store at checkout;
• The total value of every order of products purchased using the Gift Card includes: a) price of the product(s); b) sales tax, if due; c) shipping costs (if due, refer to “Shipping methods and costs”);
• The articles purchased by redeeming a Gift Card shall be subject to the General Sales Terms and Conditions on our website;
• If one or more products of the order paid by Gift Card is/are returned, a new Gift Card shall be issued for the same value of returned goods. The new card shall be automatically sent to the email address entered at the time of the online registration and shall be redeemable exclusively on the website; If the Gift Card has already been used for previous purchases, the Gift Card will be re-issued with the value of the remaining available balance after the new purchase has been made.
• Should the order paid by Gift Card be cancelled, the associated value shall be credited to the card again;
• Nomination shall in no way be liable for non delivery or delayed delivery of the gift card due to force majeure or to causes not ascribable to Nomination itself;
• Nomination undertakes no responsibility in the event of improper or fraudulent use of the Gift Card;
• Any complaints and/or request for information concerning the card use shall be sent to the following email address:;
• Any dispute concerning the use of your Gift Card shall be governed by Italian law;
• The Gift Card can be classified as a single-use voucher in accordance with art. 6TER - DPR633 / 72 for the purposes of VAT treatment.