A bracelet with a special phrase tells a story of life, love and friendship


Jewellery is so important and it is not only an accessory that makes you feel beautiful, fashionable and stylish; jewellery can have lots of different meanings and can tell the world about you. Bracelets with messages and phrases can be a fun and irreverent way to make light of ones shortcomings or struggles, to send a special message to someone or tell the world what makes us tick.

A bracelet with an engraved message link or a pendant link can take on a special and profound meaning for the wearer. So what do you want to tell the world today?

A Story of Friendship: Choose a bracelet with pendants for your friends

It is not always easy to tell those you care about what they mean to you. It can sometimes be hard to find the right words and nothing seems to do justice to that special bond of friendship. So why not choose a gift that helps us say what we feel with words and symbols that tell a story of lasting friendship.

For your Best Friend, the first person you call at the best of times and the worst of times, choose a Composable bracelet with pendants, one for you and one for her, to always be reminded by the symbols of your friendship on your wrist. You will only need to glance at your jewellery to know someone has always got your back.

Classic Composable Bracelet best sister pendant

And when that BFF is your sister? Choose the bracelet with the engraved pendant with just that written "Best Sister". Grab one for you and for her so you can each wear it and never forget that sisters are friends forever.

Engrave your bracelet: a Message that is as personal as it is meaningful

Create bracelets that talk about love or friendship in your own words: choose Engraving Links to say what you feel! The perfect gift is a bracelet for a friend, your Mum or that special someone with the XOXO Engraving Link.

Choose Trendsetter in stainless steel for Him and engrave something on the back: Whether it’s friendship or love, choose this fashionable, discrete way to remind Him that he is special to you.

Trendsetter Stainless Steel bracelet with plaque

Bracelets for Romantics and Travel lovers

Choose and wear jewellery that shows your values, your passion and tell your story with a Composable bracelet. For all of those hopeless romantics in your life, the ones who will always believe love conquers all, choose a Composable bracelet in Rose Gold with the engraved Angel of love Let love conquer all.

Composable Classic Travel Bracelet with Black Stones

If, instead you or someone close to you has been bit by the travel bug, and is always ready to dash off to a new destination at the drop of a hat, with a bag slung over one shoulder and camera at the ready, then choose a Composable bracelet with the Double Link Travel.

Make sure to add a link for each trip, destination, memory and you have got your own personal, wearable, one-of-a-kind travel journal.

Are you looking for other bracelets with messages, phrases, pendants or to engrave to tell your story every day? Find the perfect way to say it with Nomination and wear jewellery that tells the world just who you are!