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Nomination’s Cubiamo Collection was designed to create composable jewellery just the way you want. Choose the base and customise your bracelet: you can have a single-strand or multi-strand coloured leather bracelet base, or a sterling silver one, all of which are ready to be embellished with precious cube-shaped charms. All Cubiamo charms are made from sterling silver and are decorated with symbols and gemstones: choose either Classic or Big cubes and compose the bracelet for men or women to be worn at every occasion. Among the options, you’ll find charms with letters so you can write your name or the name of a friend or loved one as a special gift, and charms with symbols of important holidays, celebrations and events. Some charms act as a reminder of favourite countries and amazing vacations, others are dedicated to our family, to Mum, to Dad, to our kids, and to our loyal pets. There are tons of charms with good luck symbols, charms dedicated to love, and those with coloured gemstones such as Cubic Zirconia, coral, red aventurine and jade in its many shades. And not only bracelets: if a personalised necklace is what you’re looking for, then look no further than Cubiamo and its unique cube-shaped charms! Choose the symbols you want to keep with you always, or select your favourites to give to someone special to mark an important event: with the Cubiamo Collection by Nomination, you can create trendy jewellery that’s guaranteed Made in Italy.