Bracelets collection Composable Glam


What's better than the opportunity to compose a piece of jewellery according to your tastes? This has always been a Nomination strength: a unique and original feature that has made the brand renowned over time. Let your pieces of jewellery explode with colour through our new collection of unisex Composable Glam bracelets and the fresh pop and modern touch of the Composable Glam line! Unleash your creativity, compose your unique bracelets and customise them in every detail! Choose among the different colours for a basic unisex bracelet, go classic with a yellow gold or silver PVD finish or dare with a rose or black PVD gold-finished for a glamorous and special look. And there’s more: a new series of Links created for the Composable Glam collection. What are you waiting for then? Choose your exclusive and super pop unisex bracelet now and unleash your creativity!

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