What to wear on Halloween? A total Black outfit and elegant jewels to combine


There are those who take months to find the right dress code and instead those who create their Halloween costumes only at the last minute. What to wear on Halloween? The black colour is one of the most popular, elegant, refined and which recalls witches, vampires, sexy heroines. Simply perfect, even when used with pieces of jewellery.

Get inspired by Hollywood movie

Bracelet Nomination


You can choose what to be at Halloween and impress everyone. Just like Sandy from Grease did: she turned from the next-door girl to a sexy woman with big hair, dressed in a black jumpsuit and high heels. A total black outfit that you can use whenever you want and match it with a jewellery item chosen from among our Nomination Infinito Collection: Bracelet and hoop Earrings with Cubic Zirconia finished with yellow PVD.

You can even get inspired by the most popular evil characters from the TV: Cruella de Vil from “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” Then wear a synthetic fur, red gloves, and a little black dress are enough. Add a black and white wig and the Hoop Earring from our SeiMia collection to customise with the initial of your name.

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If your partner needs a costume for a Halloween Party, he might take inspiration from Jack Sparrow, the character portrayed by Johnny Depp’s in the movie “ Pirates of the Caribbean” All he needs is a ruffled shirt, a pair of long brown trousers, a belt, a band, lots of kajal, and many bracelets. Our Nomination bracelet with black (onyx) and grey (jade) stones from our Instinct men's collection may be a perfect choice.


May your Halloween be romantic and elegant

Halloween costumes should not necessarily be scary: whether you are dressed as a witch, a fairy, an elf, or a Twilight-style vampire, on the longest night of the year, you can also show off the sweetness and romantic of you. Then, soften your outfit with a tulle skirt, the right makeup, and choose the perfect piece of jewellery from among our Easychic Love Edition collection: Heart-shaped Ring, Pendant Earrings and Bracelets.

You can also opt for a Necklace with black stones and Cubic Zirconia to combine with an Easychic Ring with black zircons.

If you prefer those jewellery items able to recall all magical and natural elements, our Vita Collection, with Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet might be the perfect choice.

How to dress at Halloween, without wearing a costume

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If you don't like costumes or you got an invitation only at the last minute, you might use a little black dress - always available in your wardrobe - combined with a pair of black Parisian, amphibians, and pieces of jewellery with a gritty look. Choose from among our Nomination Charming collection: a wide link necklace with clasp opener, with a silver Charm combined with our Earrings with pendant, might be right for you.

Can’t miss a silver ring, for a final touch of glamour.