What to give to a new mum: not just a baby bottle!


The birth of a baby boy or girl is a time of great joy for the whole family: not only mum and dad, but also friends and relatives want to celebrate the happy event as it should be. One of the most time-honoured traditions connected to a child's birth is bringing a gift for the new mum when visiting to meet the new arrival.

So what are the best gifts for new mums? A lot of people choose objects such as baby bottles, pacifiers, onesies and clothes for the newborn: they are undoubtedly very useful gifts, but all are dedicated to the little one instead of his mum.

A new mum, even before being a mum, is in fact a woman: a strong, very busy and sometimes tested woman, looking at all the things she does to care for her family's well-being, let alone with the arrival of a little one!

So the right gift for a new mum is one that makes her forget about all the commitments and concerns for a moment: a gift that will make her rediscover her femininity and make her feel like a woman again and no longer just a mum.

What is the best choice, if not some priceless jewellery she can wear every day to remember never to give up her own womanhood? Here is a selection of jewellery for new mums: choose the perfect gift and make a special lady even happier!

#1 Family Composable Classic Bracelet
A priceless bracelet made of colorful stones and brilliant details: the My-Family brand Nomination Bracelet is the perfect blend of femininity and dedication to the family. Each of the links that makes up the bracelet represents a small part of mum’s life and affection: there is the brilliant charm with the word "Mum", the one dedicated to the children and, of course, the one dedicated to love, as well as to dad . The big pink stones alternating with charms give an instant touch of glamour to this piece, which is the perfect accessory to wear even in the everyday life of an extremely busy new mum!

#2 Trendsetter Bracelet with Hearts
For those who want to honour a new mum with a trendy accessory, without sacrificing the sweetness typical of all mums, they can choose a steel bracelet with delicate gold finish.

Yellow or rose, the gold of the Trendsetter bracelet will brighten even more the sweet smile of the woman who receives it. A blessing that is rich in tenderness, thanks to the many little hearts that decorate and distinguishes this piece.

#3 Mamma Composable Classic Bracelet
A piece dedicated to mum and her baby boy: the Composable bracelet decorated with the tender baby-blue pacifier and a Double Link all for mum. Made of steel and embellished with precious details in silver, baby-blue enamel and Cubic Zirconia, the Nomination bracelet is a fashionable accessory that lends itself to being worn in everyday life and with every outfit, from the more casual to the more refined. To celebrate femininity in all its forms!

#4 Mother & Son Composable Classic Bracelet
Not to be missed is a piece dedicated to the unique relationship between a mum and her baby boy: the Mamma e figlio Composable Classic bracelet is the perfect gift for the new mum that gave birth to a handsome little boy. The unmistakable Composable steel links are decorated in this case by tender symbols that represent maternity: the feet of a newborn baby boy, a bright heart, the charm with the word "Mum".

Cubic Zirconia, silver and blue enamel enhance the precious details of this Composable bracelet, for a piece to wear all day long.

#5 Star Necklace
Bring out the new mum’s femininity with an important piece: an invitation for some mum to indulge her inner self, perhaps wearing that elegant dress that has been in the closet for a while. The necklace decorated with stars and Cubic Zirconia is the perfect gift to surprise and astonish that gorgeous new mum: a piece that will light up the face of the wearer, giving a new light to each woman.

#6 Roseblush Big Heart Earrings
The heart of a new mum is the biggest one there is. The joy of seeing your child's birth, to protect and help to grow strong and healthy, is so great that it cannot be described. What is the symbol to give to a sweet woman like a new mum? The heart is definitely the best one, provided it is big and bright!

A pair of earrings decorated with openwork heart pendants is a delicate gift idea to wish the best to a new mum: the warm tones of rose gold will match perfectly with the sweet smile that distinguishes every beautiful mum!

#7 "It's a Boy" Composable Classic Link

If our new mum already has a Composable bracelet, the right gift for her is definitely a new link to add to the personalized bracelet that tells her story. The "It's a Boy" charm speaks of this happy event with a heart with engraving in gold and another small and delicate baby-blue enamel heart.

Looking for other gift ideas for new mums? Discover all the Nomination jewellery dedicated to these gorgeous and strong women!