What to give on Christmas? Christmas etiquette to not make it wrong


Christmas shopping rush is about to start: we’re almost a month before Christmas, and that is the perfect moment to start with Christmas shopping! As every year, it will be better to consider many different ideas to surprise every person we love: boyfriend or girlfriend, family, friends. The perfect idea certainly starts with the gift: on Christmas 2017, we could also think about a new way to present it, an original gift packaging and a card with special effects.

That’s it! Here’s for you a short gift-giving etiquette to find the perfect present and offer it in a proper way to an important person.

Gift idea for Christmas 2017 for all the people you love

A precious gift gives a smile to anyone who receive it: here’s for you a selection of jewellery meant to become Christmas gifts which will be perfect for the ones you love.

To a special woman, suggestions are really a lot: choose the jewel which will be able to represent your relationship and her personality. Stella Collection includes necklaces, rings and earrings for sophisticated girls and women, Extension Glitter bracelets will let your fashion-addicted friend go crazy!

A personalized Composable bracelet is the sweetest idea to send an original message to every member of your family: there are many Links and precious charms you can dedicate to your sister or to your brother, to your mum and dad, grandparents and uncles.

Choose the ones you prefer and create your bracelet, unique as the people who will receive it on this Christmas 2017!

What about him? No worries about it: men jewellery signed by Nomination that you can give to the most special men of your live are really a lot! Steel or leather bracelet? A watch or an accessory with a great personality such as cuff links or key rings? You just have to choose!

Packages and cards also need to catch the eye

Ideas to create original Christmas packets, thought for the person who will receive the present are really a lot! Provide yourself with wrapping paper, acrylic colours, raffia and a lot of creativity: to realize a personalized package is easier and funnier than ever..

You could, for example, create a paper with ad hoc decorations. How to? You can search on the internet some decorations to cut to create some personalized stencils, otherwise, if you’re good at drawing, you could draw them by yourself. You just have to put them on your natural colour wrapping paper and coat with acrylic colours with a brush or a roller: let dry and that’s it! To close you packet you can use natural raffia, embellished it with ribbons, flowers or Christmas decorations.

The final touch to present a perfect Christmas present is the card: you need to think about something special, mainly because the card is the first thing to be noted while receiving a gift!

A very simple idea to create a personalized Christmas card requires a mix of many different materials to decorate the cardboard cover: coloured buttons, stones, ribbons, straw and glitter can be glued to shape drawings or personalized writings.

Choose your precious Christmas presents, arm yourself with imagination and wrap them as you wish: surprise 100% guaranteed!