What can you give at Easter instead of a Chocolate Egg?


Open the doors to Springtime and to all those beautiful and joyful things which bring with it. Here finally comes the long-awaited Easter holiday. The perfect time to take a break spending the best moments with your family and loved ones.

Apart from the classic chocolate egg, what can you give at Easter to surprise your loved-ones? A unique and original piece of jewellery able to really impress who gets it as a gift. Get inspired by the Nomination Link Collection entirely dedicated to Easter and personalise the gift for your loved-ones. Make this event sweeter and precious, even without chocolate!

Easter icons on Nomination Links

The Composable Links are the iconic tiles that allow you to create a unique and exclusive bracelet able to tell a special story: the story of the one who will wear it! Within the Nomination collection you can find all those ideas that fit perfectly a family member or a loved-one!

Do you also want to enrich your gift with a universal message? Here is the Link engraved with a dove, ancient symbol for peace and hope.

The dove has also other meanings: it is a symbol of freedom, purity and simplicity. A beautiful gift that fully sums up the joyful meaning of the holidays. You can also opt for this golden elegant dove shaped Composable Link

Easter: gift ideas for boys and girls

As we all know, for kids it is always the right time to get a gift. If you still don't know what to give your children or nephews for Easter or if you want to give them the typical chocolate egg together with a very precious surprise… here is our original and vibrant charm: a lovely pink bunny, perfect for a little girl.

Did you know that Easter eggs have symbolic meanings since very ancient times? The eggs actually have often represented the life allegory. For the ancient Egyptians the egg was the fulcrum of the four elements in the universe: water, air, earth and fire.

The current tradition of creating eggs covered in precious materials such as silver, platinum and gold was born in the Middle Ages. Here’s another gift idea to celebrate the holidays in the proper spirit: our Link with a coloured egg  in gold with enamel finish is perfect for you!

Easter: gift ideas for her

A piece of jewellery given as a special gift shines much more than one you bought yourself. Holidays are the perfect occasions for exchanging beautiful and precious presents. Each piece of jewellery holds a little life within it: its light and stones tell and express where words fail.

This silver Link represents a classic icon with a modern and refined style. Ideal to be combined with a sophisticated and classy fashion look perfect for festivities: a total white, a colour suitable for springtime, or an optical look instead!

Another perfect Easter gift idea is this Link with a lovely bunny in steel and gold with a little inner beating heart, or instead this Link engraved with the White Rabbit holding a little Easter egg … to lead her to Wonderland.

Easter: gift ideas for him

Each piece of jewellery totally represents the wearer’s personality. If he has a sunny personality or if he is a lover of nature, the best solution is choosing a composable bracelet engraved with a frog en acier, or et Cubic Zirconia. in steel, gold and cubic zirconia. A frog for the only man who became your prince charming!

If he is a sensitive, sweet and considerate guy, you can also opt for this Link with a steel and gold chick.

Jewels are signs written over time. Make these festivities unforgettable and impress your loved-ones with an original and special gift! Take a look at the Nomination Collection and get plenty of ideas on what to give your loved ones at Easter.