What sport are you participating in this year? Choose your Link!


September has arrived: holidays are a sweet memory and normal life has restarted at full speed. But that’s not all: resuming normal routines also means reflecting on one's lifestyle and making good resolutions for it, often making the decision to engage in some sports activity.

Sports and movement, as everyone knows, are indispensable not only when you want to get back into shape after a period of idleness and relaxation, but also to feel good about yourself all year round.

And it's not just about gym workouts: the sports to practice for that reason are really numerous and fun and they range from team sports, which kids and teens really like, to activities that require great commitment and concentration.

And for every discipline you cannot go wrong with sports dedicated jewellery: what is the right activity for you? Discover it with the Nomination Composable Links dedicated to sports and sport symbols and create your personalized bracelet with the charms that represent you!

#1 Football Big Composable Link
Among the most loved sports by kids and teens (but also by older ones) football is never missing: it is not just to watch on TV when you follow your favourite team’s matches, but also a sport to participate in to keep fit, have fun and make new friends.

Choose this Link for your Big Composable bracelet if football is your passion!

#2 Gymnast Composable Classic Link
Graceful, strong and feminine, gymnasts fly like butterflies performing articulate rhythmic exercises, just like on this Composable Link dedicated to all the girls who decide to take up this wonderful sports activity.

#3 Tennis Composable Classic Link in Gold
Beloved by many guys and girls who have practiced it since childhood, tennis is a sport that allows you to develop both body and mind. Not only does it help to gain better coordination and to acquire agility in movement, but also to increase concentration and reduce stress.

#4 Volleyball Composable Classic Link
Many kids and teenagers have decided to take up this sport after watching the adventures and matches of so many famous cartoon characters, but once you enter the volleyball world, it's impossible to tear yourself away from it!

Among the beautiful volleyball jewellery, here is a precious charm decorated with the classic ball in gold, to add to your Composable bracelet so you always have your passion with you!

#5 Skier Big Composable Link
And then there are those who wait all year for the arrival of the winter cold to go to the nearest mountains to practice their favourite sport: skiing. Here is the perfect Link for your Big Composable bracelet, if you cannot wait to get your skis on and go full throttle down the slopes!

#6 Karate Composable Classic Link
The noble Japanese martial art of Karate is now one of the most loved disciplines for old and young people around the world. Concentration, intelligence and cunning are the fundamental qualities of a karateka, who fights the opponent bare-handed. The traditional white uniform is depicted on this charm decorated with gold and enamel to add to your personalized Composable bracelet.

#7 Ballerina Composable Classic Link in 925 Silver
How many girls have taken their first steps in the world of sports dancing to the rhythm of music? Dance-inspired pieces shouldn’t be missing from their jewellery box, so they always have their passion with them.

The Link with ballerina shoes in silver is definitely the perfect charm for the personalized Composable bracelet of any classic dance enthusiast!

#8 Basketball Composable Classic Link
Another very popular team sports team for both boys and girls is basketball, which has spread from the United States all over the world since the end of the nineteenth century. What we remember about this exciting sport are the great American champions and the many rules, but also the sense of union and brotherhood that are learned when playing this sport

#9 Bicycle Big Composable Link
If constant training and agonising are not right for you, you can choose to keep fit simply by getting into the good habit of cycling around the city. Leave your car home and marry a healthier lifestyle by going to work or shopping by bike: so you won’t forget this good habit, add this Link with the bicycle symbol to your Composable Big bracelet!

#10 Swimmer Composable Classic Link
Is water the only training area you know? Are free style, the backstroke and breast-stroke your daily bread? Then the Link that represents your lifestyle is the one with the swimmer, depicted at the moment when his stroke meets the blue waves of the sea (or the pool).

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