Romantic Rock: feminine jewellery and clothing with a rock and roll soul


Rock’n’roll has always been about more than just the music. Since this genre first appeared in the 1950s, rock music has acted as a social aggregator for youth. At last there was someone talking about what it was like to be young, who represented something they could see themselves reflected in, as opposed to what music had offered up until that moment, controlled exclusively by adults.

It’s thanks to rock ’n’ roll that music starts being connected more and more to fashion and becomes a true form of expression. Musicians communicate not only through their uninhibited songs, but also through their outfits, which become more extravagant, bold, anti-conformist and break entirely with the world of adults: like Elvis Presley, one of the first rockers in history.

Rock ’n’ roll inspires youth fashion

What was happening back then? Young people begin to look up to rock stars because, for the first time, someone’s taking an interest in them. They recognise themselves in the lyrics and start to copy their idols’ styles: jeans, flashy shirts, t-shirts, bangs and hair styled with Brylcream hair wax.

What comes next: fashion evolves, reinvents itself, embraces a new language and comes back transformed, decade after decade. And this is exactly what happened with rock fashion: with the arrival of punk we see ripped jeans and provocative shirts, with heavy metal hair gets crazily big and the colour palette goes darker. In the ‘90s grunge attracts young people with it’s rough, unpolished sounds and plaid flannel shirts. But rock also has a softer, feminine side.

Romantic rock: women’s fashion in 2018

In 2018, rock fashion is fully dedicated to females: typically grunge elements mix with tulle, sequins and pastel colours to create a style that knows how to be both strong and romantic at the same time. It’s a style that many stars have fallen in love with, from Rihanna to Madonna, and who’ve worked rock-inspired looks on many occasions, with leather taking the forefront, mixed with delicate chiffon dresses, sequins and romantic accessories. Which is how romantic rock was born, a term commonly used to define this feminine style.

Accessories are what make a look truly romantic rock: all it takes is one piece of jewellery or a small detail to completely transform an outfit.

Rock and romantic jewellery for your look

Which accessories and jewellery help turn a look into romantic rock? Metals like sterling silver and stainless steel are perfect for bracelets and necklaces to wear with romantic dresses, iconic studded leather jackets and biker boots.

A long necklace studded with heart-shaped charms is both rock ’n’ roll and romantic, and adds the final touches to an outfit you can wear to a special party.

Collana Armonie lunga con cuori

And to complete the look, go with a matching silver bracelet: for a look that’s romantic, rock and fun all at the same time! Another really popular rocker accessory that shows off your sense of humour through the way you dress are bracelets for women with pendant charms: skulls, stars and hearts are favourites and are the perfect way to enhance your day look with a precious detail.

Bracciale Estensibile Mixit con stelle

Our suggetsions? The Mixit bracelet with stars in stainless steel and gold, for women who are fierce, and the Mixit Special Edition bracelet with hearts, dedicated to the more romantic ladies.

Romantic rock goes super glamour!

How can you pull off a romantic rock look on an occasion that’s really chic and special? Start by choosing a long, flowing dress in a light material, add a cropped sequined or studded metallic jacket and voilà: you’ve done it! The accessories require particular attention: for a truly glamorous look, you’ve got to have glitter, gemstones and precious metals. Bracelets are always the perfect jewellery to embellish your summer outfit, wearing a bunch of them together to create a truly rock ’n’ roll look!

An all-black evening look goes perfectly with gold jewellery: the Trendsetter bracelet with stars will add a bright touch! Can’t be without sparkling gemstones?

Go with jewellery that’s really glam, like the double Extension bracelet with glitter. This accessory in gold will not go unnoticed!

Doppio Bracciale Estensibile glitter in oro

Are you a fan of silver metals? Then never fear: the Double Extension Glitter bracelet is also available in stainless steel enriched with wonderful coloured stones. Perfect for a rock look on a fun, cool occasion, like a concert or a party with friends!