Return to the city: 10 Links to get started on the right foot!


The holidays end, work resumes at full speed, the first bell of the year for children and teens: it is time to return to everyday life, with all its routines and all our habits. What does it mean?

Young ones will soon return to school: the maths homework that seems to be the biggest and most fearsome hurdle to face in life, the hours spent at the desks that never seem to end, the ever-present wait for recess.

But let's admit it: over the years, we all start to think of those school days with nostalgia, remembering them as the good old days, made of laughter and moments of cheerfulness with our schoolmates. Older ones, in fact, are getting ready to go back to work: so many things to get done quickly, fast-paced rhythms that start up again, and so little free time available. Sometimes we wish we were back in school!

What is the best way to deal with this period? First of all, let’s also think a little of ourselves! You should never forget to set aside some free time for sports, fun activities, our passions or just a little relaxation! This applies to both older and younger ones.

Here are the 10 Composable Links that tell all about the return to normal life. Add them to your personalized bracelet: adding a new accessory might be the right way to soften this traumatic return a little bit! Additionally, you can choose Links dedicated to children and teens to wish your children, grandchildren, or siblings a successful school year.

#1 Book Composable Classic Link in Gold
Among the school desks the book represents knowledge, the source of valuable information and the loyal companion of many hours spent trying to memorize information for the assignment in class. Outside of class, books are a way to escape, explore new worlds and rekindle the imagination.

#2 Links with Numbers
The fear of a maths assignment is widespread among students: a personalized bracelet with their lucky numbers will make the figures, operations and even the most complicated equation less frightening!

#3 Football Composable Classic Link
Study and work are important, but you should never forget about your hobbies and passions: who doesn’t enjoy playing football with friends?

#4 Note Composable Classic Link
And when it's not sports, the passion that takes up leisure time by making the mind drift away is music. Is he or she a musician or just a listener? The Composable Link with the golden note will in any case be a very appreciated piece!

#5 Best Friends Composable Classic Double Link
A friend is the one you trust when you have too much to worry about, the person with whom you share your secrets and is always present when you want to relax and chat a bit after work or school. Here is the Link that reminds you when it is important to have friendship: in every period of life.

#6 Bicycle Composable Classic Link in Gold
With the return to daily routines, you should never forget good habits to stay fit and feel good about yourself: leaving your car at home and taking the bike to work or simply taking a ride around the city is the right idea!

#7 Four-leaf Clover Composable Classic Link in Silver
A pinch of luck never hurts: here is the four-leaf clover charm for the Composable bracelet, the perfect gift idea for a student who is about to start a new school year full of surprises, but also to wish someone a happy return to the workplace after holidays.

#8 Dog Composable Classic Link in Pink Gold
A well-known proverb says that "dogs are man’s best friend": isn’t that true? When you come back home after work or school he is always there to welcome us behind the door, as if every day was a big party! Here is a precious charm to always take Fido with you: to create the Composable personalized bracelet that you and the little ones will really like!

#9 Cocktail Composable Classic Link in Silver
The holidays have just ended, but are you already dreaming of the next ones? Here is the perfect charm to remember the fantastic summer evenings, the beach aperitifs and all the amazing times spent during your holidays. Because the longing for summer never stops!

#10 Hippie Daisy Composable Classic Link
Positivity and cheerfulness are definitely what you need to get off on the right foot after the summer holidays: is there a better way to remember it every day than with a charm decorated with a colorful daisy?