What is the meaning of precious gemstones?


Not just colourful and beautiful: many different meanings have been attributed to the natural gemstones that have adorned jewellery over the centuries. Very often you even hear about crystal therapy: what is that about? According to the supporters of this discipline, each natural gemstone has a specific beneficial power that helps to stimulate the natural energies and the spirit of each individual in some way.

What are the properties associated with precious gemstones? Here are the fun facts, legends and the beneficial effects that over the centuries have been associated with some of the most famous precious gems.

Gems with anti-stress and relaxing properties

Properties that can calm the energies are attributed to different natural gemstones, creating a calm, tranquil and harmonious mood. All the stones we are talking about have cool colours: from pure light blue to intense turquoise to deep purple.

Acquamarina is the gemstone with a soft and delicate blue coloration, just like the crystalline waters of an exotic and uncontaminated sea.

According to crystal therapy, wearing this gemstone would help to increase courage and dialogue with one's inner self, favoring positive changes and the reduction of tensions and stress associated with the misunderstandings of one's being.

This gorgeous crystal is the protector gemstone of the Zodiac sign Pisces, that is for those born between the end of February and the month of March: create your lucky charm bracelet by adding the charm with aquamarine to always carry with you!

Turquoise is the second gemstone in blue tones that favors relaxation and fights negativity, helping interpersonal relationships and creating an atmosphere of widespread harmony.

This gem is usually associated with the sign Sagittarius and people born in the month of December, who can wear it as a good luck amulet to face with all the potentially stressful situations of everyday life.

Another stone to which relaxed and anti-stress properties are derived is Amethyst, a particular purple quartz highly appreciated for its beauty.

It is said that wearing jewellery made with amethyst favors a lucid and harmonious decision-making process and the ability to solve problems in a calm and quiet way.

There are so many Links in the Composable collection decorated with Amethyst, dedicated to those looking for a positive energy gemstone and especially to those born under the sign of Aquarius, between the end of January and February.

Stones with positive mood properties

Many gemstones contain positive energies that affect mood, favoring cheerfulness and happiness. What are they? Among the most beautiful we find Olivina (or Peridot) and Topaz, two stones that are very different from each other but very much appreciated for jewellery and lucky amulets.

Peridot is usually associated with the sign Leo and the hot month of August: its color is a vibrant and energetic green, which in itself transmits vitality and joy. According to some legends, this gemstone has been known and used for thousands of years because it can make dreams come true. How? Thanks to its powers, which are said to be able to infuse confidence and prosperity.

In nature there are so many different colours, depending on the amount of minerals and other elements that contaminate the colorless surface, but the most famous and most used in jewellery creation is blue: we are talking about Topaz, the second happiness gemstone.

Symbol of pure and true feelings, Topaz is also known as the gemstone symbol of friendship and love. Wearing it means always having with you a positive energy charge that helps you face every situation with a smile.

Scorpio and those born in the month of November will be particularly protected by Topaz's energy.

Gemstones with stimulating properties for creativity and inspiration

On the other hand, the capacity to stimulate inspiration and creativity is attributed to other natural gemstones: Amber and Rock Crystal (Quartz) are the two elements bearing brilliant ideas and simple solutions to problems.

According to some legends, Amber was already used in ancient times as a protector amulet against inner fears and insecurities.

Jewellery decorated with amber not only enhances protection and positivity, but are also highly appreciated for their beauty, thanks to the warm caramel color of this gemstone.

The origins of Rock Crystal are also shrouded in legends. It seems that this crystal was discovered many centuries ago and the ancient peoples appreciated its pure beauty, even though they did not understand its nature.

The Ancient Greeks, for example, thought they were simply solidified water, therefore, ice: this can be guessed by its name as Krustallos in Greek means "ice".

The power to bring balance was associated with the gem’s transparency in those times: a benefit that stimulates thought positively, prompting one to be more curious and intuitive.

Gemstones that favor wisdom and meditation

According to Crystal Therapy, some gemstones favor the meditative side of the human being, making it more wise and sensible. What are the natural gemstones that bring these benefits?

The first is Sapphire, the blue gemstone par excellence, commonly considered as the protective stone of people born in September, under the sign of Virgo.

Personalise your Composable bracelet with a charm decorated with Sapphire: balance, self-discipline and ingenuity are stimulated by the intrinsic energy of this stone.

The second gemstone of wisdom is Agate, a gem that in nature takes on many different colours due to its volcanic origin. To each colour different nuances of meaning are attributed, though Agate generally represents inner balance, integrity, meditation, and relaxation.

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