A personalised bracelet that represents you and your passions


Sport, music, travel: we all take the chance to immerse ourselves in our passions whenever we have free time. What is your passion? Which activities and pastimes fill your heart and your life?

Choose to express yourself with the accessories you wear, and say it with Composable! Among the precious Nomination Links on offer you will find symbols and charms charms to create a personalised bracelet that represents you and your passions. Not just a glamorous accessory to show off with all your outfits, but also a way of expressing your personality, piquing curiosity and inspiring others.

For all your passions: create a personalised bracelet and show the world what excites you!

There are numerous Composable Links dedicated to your hobbies and passions, but to symbolise yourself you can choose between many other pieces of Nomination jewellery: bracelets with engravings, for example, upon which an important word or date can be inscribed. For you or a loved one, a personalised steel bracelet with a personalised engraving is always a great idea.

#1 Jewellery for sports fans: a world of activity!

Adults and children all over the world adore sport: both as athletes themselves or as spectators and passionate fans. Football and its engaging battles for the field, dance and its fluid movements, the expressive figures of artistic gymnastics: every sport exerts its own fascination – which sport makes your heart beat a little faster?

For all footballers, aspiring players and those who simply love the sport, and who wouldn’t miss watching their team play for all the world, the Composable Link with a black and white ball -the classic symbol of the world of football - is a must.

Composable Classic Link Black and White Football

. And let’s be honest – during the World Cup :we all become passionate followers of this sport, and in supporting our team we can share plenty of carefree and happy moments with those around us.

But football is not the only sport: how many of you can’t wait to put on your trainers and set off for a run, with no fixed destination in mind? There are professional runners who leave us open-mouthed with their endurance and speed, but let’s not forget the beginners, for whom this activity is often a great way of relaxing and reducing stress. The Composable Classic Runner Link is perfect for both professional and amateur runners, made in gold and coloured enamel.

Whether artistic or rhythmic, many girls and boys become passionate about gymnastics as children, committing themselves to endless training sessions with dedication.

Composable Classic Link gymnastic

A sport where we often admire delicate movements during international competitions, which hide the immense dedication of the athletes: the Composable Link with a graceful gymnast is for all these athletes.

Dance is another discipline that is popular among little ones: in particular, girls love to let themselves go as they practice this delicate activity, which also requires intense training. But how satisfying to abandon yourself to the notes of a pleasing melody, dancing in unison! The Composable Link with dedicated pendant
is dedicated to all dancers.

Lovers of animals and sport come together in this discipline: horse riding.

An elegant and enjoyable sport, which allows a deep bond between man and animal to develop. Among our Composable Links you will find many dedicated to horse riding: we suggest a Link with a precious gold symbol, to create a bracelet for those who love horses.

Composable Classic Horse Jumping horsehoe Link

#2 Jewellery for musicians: when the melody takes hold of you

Many young people become passionate about a certain musical instrument: first they learn to strum, then they master their favourite songs, and soon they will be composing their own original songs, creating moments of great satisfaction – for parents, too.

But music is a passion that accompanies us throughout our lives: once you are initiated into this world of notes and harmonies, you will never abandon it! We suggest a Composable link dedicated to all musicians who want to carry their passion with them, always: the musical note in yellow gold, perfect both for him and for her. Of course, all music is not equal, just as all instruments are not equal.

Composable Classic Link Drums

A true rock-star drummer will always captivate us by demonstrating rhythmic talent and a flare for percussion, just as he or she will always be proud of the strength of the music created by their rock band: the Link Composable Link with enamel drums is dedicated to all drummers, to be worn with a personalised bracelet at all times!

Not just for musicians and singers: lovers of music can also be listeners and observers. There is nothing better than a great music festival during the summer, shared with friends, but a solo train journey, accompanied only by earphones and music at full volume, can be just as good. Choose the Composable Bracelet dedicated to those who love to listen!

#3 Bracelets for travellers: journeys, adventures and memories!

A passion that grows with age is our desire to discover the world and to travel: trips to unknown destinations, adventures in unspoilt places and landscapes, always ready to set off again. Is exploring the world your greatest passion? If so, the Composable Link for you is the Compass, which will guide you towards your next destination!

Composable Classic Link Compass

For every journey undertaken, we bring back a multitude of memories: tickets, little souvenirs, local products, but above all photographs. Some people prefer to shoot in digital, so that they can instantly see their photos, while other prefer polaroids, which give a tangible and immediate memory of the journey undertaken. Photography is a passion that often goes hand in hand with a love for travel: the silver Link with a camera is the perfect charm for those who can’t help but take photographs. Memories can take many different forms, however: the image of a journey doesn’t necessarily have to be a photograph.

Composable Classic Link artists palette

Sketches, paintings, drawings: the most artistic souls are inspired when they encounter beauty, and can’t resist recording the lines and colours they see. For those who love to paint memories to remember their travels, the Composable Link with a palette
is perfect.

Have you still not found the Link that best represents your passion? Don’t worry: the Composable collection is truly rich in symbols, messages and pendants dedicated to sports fans, musicians, travellers, artists and many more. Choose your Links and create a personalised bracelet that will accompany you all summer!